Family Deals - Bratz Rock Angels Polar Fleece Blanket - 5% OFF + Free Shipping - ONLY $13.95

11 April 2008


Bratz Rock Angels Polar Fleece Blanket

This is a gorgeous 100% polyester blanket with the Bratz Rock Angels printed on it.

It has deep marone and purple colours and measures approx 135cm wide and approx 155cms wide and is a must have for all Bratz fans.

RRP: $29.95

TOPICS:   Mums and Kids


  • lilpretzel
  • lilpretzel
    oops!! Now it's only 5% NOT $5 OFF
  • nod
    Did you order one of these LP? Did it arrive?
  • lilpretzel
    Sure did nod, I got it for the price I posted Tahlia loves it. :D
  • nod
    excellent! Very nice of them to honour the price. A lot of merchants would have said 'no it was a mistake'. :)

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