Factory Fast: Bugatti 6 in 1 Portable Baby Travel Cot $94.95

2 February 2009

Available in a few colours on the website, I have linked to one of them here.

$10 voucher for next order when paying with paypal & using the code.

Australian/NZ Standard Approved (AS/NZS 2195)

Another fabulous product from the BUGATTI range this 6-in-1 Portable Unit (Play Cot, Changing station, Bassinet Level, Toy Mobile, Storage basket, Moquito net protective safety play zone) is an essential must for any new parent. Safe, reliable and easy to setup & clean, this model has all the features youll need in an all-in-one unit, for a fraction of what you would be required to pay at retail stores.

Invest in a product from a manufacturer known for its intuitive and affordable designs. Convenience is the key to any BUGATTI design and this particular model comes with several removable compents that utilize the easy-clip-on/off system with no technical assembly required. Each removable component lets you easily mix and match so suit your baby's needs. With removabale compenets such as Toy Mobile, Changing station, Bassinet, Storage basket, Moquito net, Travel / storage bag, and much more how could you pass on this unique opportunity to own a truly brilliant product for your baby!

Product Features:

* 6-in-1 Unit: Play Cot, Changing station, Bassinet Level, Toy Mobile, Storage basket, Moquito net protective safety play zone
* Foldable thick mattress thats designed to be easy to clean
* Easy-setup system setup or fold away in a flash!
* All removable components utilize easy-clip-on/off system (no technical assembly required)
* Includes removable Toy mobile with 3 hanging plush teddy bear toys
* Includes removable Changing station with safety harness. Change table mattress is washable & easy to clean
* Includes removable Bassinet
* Includes removable Storage basket with triple storage pockets
* Includes removable Mosquito net cover keeps your baby safe at night
* Travel storage bag with dual shoulder straps - easy storage & portability
* Light weight design - made specifically for travelling
* Dual Castor (lockable) wheels makes the unit easily maneuverable
* Comfortable and breathable for child
* Roomy for child to play in
* Safe corners

Product Dimensions (Approx):

* Assembled Size: 110cm x 80cm x 77cm
* Carton Size: 82cm x 27cm x 26cm
* Change table size: 39cm x 79cm

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