Extra $5 off at Identity direct- bargains from $1 and buckie cashback!!!

4 March 2008


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  • Keeys
    code is 31111 :) NICE FIND!!! *strange the chat said 31111 but the code in the box says 31143
  • voteoften
    That happened to me the other day when I was playing with the site (the live chat pop up. Not really live by the way...) I saw that the code was different and am thinking that the 31143 is a buckscoop affiliate number. The order I placed today was $99, so the cashback was $12ish. I didn't want to risk the $12 to get $5 off....
  • nod
    The 31143 appears in the url Is that a link from a newsletter Mamak? If so then the cashback may not track using this link. The 31143 is either a number assoc with the newsletter or it is assoc with your account Mamak :)
  • voteoften
    I am quite certain that I get that number (31143) in the code box and when I buy, I ALWAYS go from the BS link. I think it is how they keep track of BS cashback and all of their affiliates - they have a fundraising program. I don't think they have "accounts" as such. I have ordreed 3 - 4 times and each time I have to enter all of my details. There has never been an option to "sign in" or similar.
  • MamaK
    which link do you mean Nod? I didn't add the code as I wasn't sure if it was a single use thing, I just went to the site not through BS and it had the 31143 code. and LOL at myself for thinking the live chat was real :P
  • voteoften
    and LOL at myself for thinking the live chat was real :P
    e Not your fault. I am sure they say it is. I asked a question about the free postage and they just replied with some random something or another. Then a couple more unprompted statements. Got to hand it to them for trying.....:p
  • Brad
    You can now grab free postage with this deal with this coupon code: http://www.buckscoop.com.au/forums/showthread.php?p=40157
  • nod
    somewhere along the line your post has been altered Mamak Sorry about that - anyway you can add the info? :)
  • golfwidow
    The safes are cute but all gone :(
  • photographyisart
    is there a minimum spend for the $5 discount? can u get free shipping and $5 off or only one?

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