Dstore's 20% off Toys (48 hours only)

28 October 2007

Offer only valid on products ordered from the Toy Department, excludes electronic games and consoles.
Orders must be placed between 8am Monday 29/10/2007 AEST and 8am AEST Wednesday 31/10/2007 to qualify for this promotion.
Offer not valid for international orders.

This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, promotion or promotional voucher.

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  • Keeys
    HOT!! from me I still have a $20 vocher left :) :)
  • Keeys
    Oh I ment to ask if I'm using a voucher from the papypal special does that mean I don't get buckie as well?
  • lilpretzel
    You should, my $0 order was tracked using the voucher but than on the same day my $100 wasn't but no voucher used. If it doesn't you can submit a ticket enquiry for over $2 cashbacks ( I think that was the minimum amount ) :)
  • Smarmie
    I just checked some of the prices and they are great. Hot deal from me too. Happy shopping!! :D
  • ScarletRubies
    I find DStores prices are almost always inflated? Might just be my experience, of course. 20% (and a gift voucher!!!) would make a big difference. Hot from me...
  • nod
    Oh I ment to ask if I'm using a voucher from the papypal special does that mean I don't get buckie as well?
    The minimum cashback we will chase down for you is one dollar. dStore are a special case in some respects. They seem to restrict the cashback when some vouchers are used. They certainly will NOT pay out if they think that the voucher has originated from a Paypal offer. Well they will not pay out on any Paypal offer at all. So the $10 vouchers you picked up for dStores birthday will work but the others collected via the Paypal offer may not Hope that is clearer
  • nod
    Hot vote for the deal by the way - any really good buys people have found?
  • Keeys
    For those who have to send toys to people for xmas this could work out a good way to do it. $5.95 to have them delivered and saving 20% plus 7.2% buckie you really can't go wrong. OK so they aren't wrapped when they get there but as long as whoever at the other end doesn't mind wrapping. I know I wouldn't if someone asked me to do it for my kids. Anyway just a thought that might help someone out :)

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