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11 December 2007

For the lucky members that scored the FREE $15 VOUCHER POSTED BY KEEYS TODAY you can get this item delivered for FREE.

At least 15 items on this page.

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  • lilpretzel
    http://img1.hotshed.com/images/2050/2050417_1_215_1.jpg http://img1.hotshed.com/images/2050/2050415_1_215_1.jpg http://img1.hotshed.com/images/2050/2050418_1_215_1.jpghttp://img1.hotshed.com/images/2050/2050416_1_215_1.jpg
  • lilpretzel
  • lilpretzel
  • elegantegotist
    Lots of cute things lil. Trying to find something for myself though is proving harder than finding gifts for the kids.
  • Emma EDITOR
    Great idea for a post lilpretzel :) if anyone spots any more cool things, please share :)
  • Keeys
    If you go to the $10 jetstar thread I posted HEAPS of items under $10 in their so with the $15 voucher these items would be free including postage. *off to find the link ;) Link added http://www.buckscoop.com.au/forums/showthread.php?p=28414 remember when clicking on a linked item you won't get bucky....however using the voucher you won't get bucky anyway ;)
  • trixidixi
    Just purchased this http://dstore.com.au/books/Just-for-Kids-Cookbook:-Holiday-Recipes-&-More/1784992.html $9.05 book $5.95 shipping = $15 I'm a happy camper :santa:
  • nod
    A big thanks Lilpretzel for the thread.. loads of good stuff. And make sure you check out Keeys list too... it is rather exhaustive... she scoured dStore for us all :)
  • jinx
    Wow wish I had been lucky to have even seen the vouchers :(
  • nod
    Sorry to hear that Shadowchaser :( dstore have been very generous this month. Why don't you jump on in and play the comp tomorrow night. Good chance for a voucher then! And excuse my ignorance... but is this....http://img1.hotshed.com/images/2050/2050419_1_215_1.jpg a pez type thing dispenser?
  • Keeys
    pmsl Fun item from the Shrek movie. This Shrek Wash Set includes 100ml Swamp Bath Gel and Shrek Flannel. Comes in a clear cylinder with Donkey on top. Just pull the lever to see Donkey's mouth move! A great stocking filler!!
  • Keeys
    Just a reminder to those who haven't used these yet the voucher expires 31/12!! I just used mine to stat my next year xmas shopping ;) I bought this to put away for my little man http://dstore.com.au/toys/Take-Along-Thomas---Travel-Tote-with-BONUS-VEHICLES/672043.html I figure each time they give away a voucher this year I'll buy another train to go with it ;)

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