dStore - Free Mini Mr Potato Head When you use your $15 voucher From Today.

11 December 2007

For the lucky members that scored the FREE $15 VOUCHER POSTED BY KEEYS TODAY you can get this item delivered for FREE.

Use the pieces and your imagination to create silly faces! Cute little mini version of the classic Playskool toy.

Includes 6 removable pieces to create funny faces.

Contains potato body, hat, 2 arms, pair of eyes, mouth and pair of feet.

** Ages 2 years and over **

TOPICS:   Mums and Kids


  • lilpretzel
    You can also buy them with red, orange, yellow hats. If you used your $15 voucher maybe use the $10 voucher and pay $2.90 Great :christmastree: fillers. :)
  • lilpretzel
    http://img1.hotshed.com/images/1007/1007706_1_215_1.jpg http://img1.hotshed.com/images/1007/1007704_1_215_1.jpg http://img1.hotshed.com/images/1007/1007703_1_215_1.jpg
  • Smarmie
    Very cute - great stocking filler!! :christmastree:
  • brooke
    my little girl already has these. they're cute!

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