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14 September 2008

I was looking to get some invitations designed, something a little more personal and I found this site. I emailed my photos and chose a design. I had my designer card by the next day and I just took it down to the chemist and printed them up. Everyone loved the design with my kids photo on it.

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  • mouldgirl
    Thanks hun and welcome :) When you reproduced them was the copy ok? Cousin has a 21st and I might tell her about this mob. Might check out artscom at the same time
  • Smarmie
    Thanks Joyous1 - I'm going to check this deal out too! :D
  • lilpretzel
    These are a great idea, add that's special touch to the party. With the help of Miss 15, I sent out the Invitation below for Miss 8 Fairy Party this year. On the other side we added our details, very cheap to make and these were printed out on photo paper. We now have the kids in her class asking for us to make their invitations :D
  • fairybelle
    Wow lil those invites are fantastic....
  • Joyous1
    My copy came out perfect, so perfect my sister-in-law did them as well announcing the birth of my nephew and then so did another friend.... it was contagious ;)
  • queenshrew
    Oh that's gorgeous, lil! I looove it! :)
  • nlafanclub
    It's fantastic what you can have done these days! :)

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