DEALS DIRECT - Frog bath toy/organiser - terrific idea for kids!

23 December 2007

When these first came into Australia, I was really taken with them. I'm a frog fan, so YMMV, but I think the idea is terrific nonetheless!

A base station sticks to your bathroom wall (adhesive strips incl. or you can use suction cups or screws) and the body of the frog becomes a scoop for grabbing all the kids toys out of the bath water, which drains out and allows you to easily rinse them and hang them up to dry.

From the site:
"The Frog Pod by Boon helps with childrens bath time clean-up, providing a drainable scoop for collecting and rinsing toys and a wall-mounted base for storing bath products. The delightfully cute frog design will be loved by young and old alike -- you may even find that your child chooses to clean up the tub themselves! No more messy toys all around the tub and bathroom! Best of all you can keep germs and mildew at bay by washing and draining the toys after their use, ensuring the best level of care and hygiene for your child.

A must have for family households!


* Boon Frog Pod Bath Toy Scoop, Drainer and Storage.
* Makes bath time clean-up fun and easy.
* Stores and organises bath accessories.
* Scoop bath toys out of the bath simply and effectively after each use.
* Reduces mould and mildew.
* Cute frog design.
* Holds bottles and loofahs in addition to toys.
* Includes adhesive strips for mounting.
* When mounted with suction cups (not included - purchased separately) Frog Pod can hold up to 2.25kg.
* When mounted with adhesive strips Frog Pod can hold up to 4.5kg.
* When mounted with screws (not included) the Frog Pod will hold up to 9kg.
* Dimensions: 19" x 16.5" x 7".
* Winner of the JPMA 2005 Innovation Award.
* Suitable for all ages.
* Note: toys not included.

Recommended Retail Price: $59.95."

I have certainly seen them selling for $59.95, which is why I never bought one!

***Vouchers attached for free shipping + free perfume (Paypal) and 10% discount***

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  • MamaK
    Nice find Ruby, ]Urban baby has it for $55 and with the free shipping/perfume and cashback its a great deal. Did you buy one?
  • hellwolf
    I bought one on Friday from Deals Direct. They were out of stock for a while, but have come back in stock in the last few days. I had $50 worth of gift vouchers and used the free delivery/free perfume offer so I think it is a pretty good deal, plus got around $2 cashback on my purchase. They are $49.95 at Babies Galore.
  • ScarletRubies
    Thanks for the price comparisons; I got a bit too lazy. I know Urban Baby is where I originally saw these - maybe 6 months or a year ago. MamaK, I haven't bought one yet. I like it, but my kids have 1 1/2 of those mesh bags full of bath toys so I reckon I would have to downsize. Plus, it's still $40. I like it - think it's a great idea, but don't know if I want to spend another $40 this week!!!

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