Constructive Eating Cutlery Sets $29.95 @ eBay Store: gigglepotkids

21 August 2017
Constructive Eating Cutlery Set $29.95

Anything that gets fussy eaters to actually eat is worth a shot! (Says the mum of a toddler who eats nothing but cherries and rice crackers!) These adorable, and super creative Constructive Eating Cutlery Sets could be just what it takes to makes meal times more successful - maybe! Pick them up now for $29.95 per set.

These nifty little sets are designed with both play and purpose in mind. With eat piece fashioned to look just like a tool, little eaters are encouraged to get to work and finish that dinner Mum spent two hours preparing!

There are two styles available:

NOTE: You can buy the matching "Fairy Garden" plate for $26.21 from another seller HERE.

Who knows, with these tools they may just push everything around the plate - but on the other hand, they just might actually eat something. Imagine it!

These sets ship FREE Australia-wide.

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  • Sarah L.

    I need this for my boys!!

  • Darren M.

    He will never eat off another plate

  • Lorraine G.

    Yes, he would love the digger set :)

  • Alison H.

    Yeah but bit expensive :hushed:

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