Coles-Baby Love bulk Nappies 30---54 pack.Buy 1 and get 1 free--$17.99

6 August 2009

Baby Love Bulk Nappies

$17.99 Each

Starts Today - Ends in 6 days

Buy One And Get One Free

Valued at $17.99. 30 pack-54 pack.

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  • admin EDITOR
    Gotta love a good BOGOF. Thanks
  • golfwidow
    Thanks sivarythm and a BIG WELCOME to Bucksccoop :) What are BabyLove like? So out of the loop have no idea anymore :D
  • taskel
    Looks like a goodprice sivarythm! Thanks & Welcome! :)
  • samia786
    I've always used huggies for my 2 kids but when the junior size was too tight for my younger one at 2.5 years (I know, we are still struggling with the toilet trainng...), we switched to babylove as it was a more generous sizing and almost as good as huggies (the fits are very loose, hence good for us but may not be for other kids) by the way, at the last day of the promotion at coles, if u dont find the size u r after, u can always get a raincheck.
  • Rebekah76
    Babylove are great nappies. We use them for our twins and have always been happy with them. This is a fabulous price (I went down last night and brought a heap!) For reference, if you compare the newborn size, you get 54 in a packet in this deal. (so you get 108 for $17.99 = 16.7c ea) on the whole, the large boxes of 128 will rarely go below $32 at Big W (25c each) Or the Huggies equivalent will end up about $30 a box for about 108 nappies when on sale This may not seem much, but it REALLY adds up over a baby's nappy wearing time.
  • sparrow
    I think Babylove are great. Fabulous price-I could only get one lot, as I was pushing a pram and had to carry them. But intend to get more as that is a fantastic price-the best I have ever seen at the supermarket. And they're the ones I always use. I always buy them when they are on a special. Best special I have scored from Babylove.
  • Grinner
    Babylove are a fantastic brand and I've tried almost every brand of nappies. This is really a great deal so we went and filled up the trolley yesterday. 108 nappies for $18 is very cheap.
  • lilpretzel
    This finishes today ;)

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