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16 September 2008

For those of you with multi region DVD players, Amazon have a BOGOF deal on on Thomas The Tank Engine DVD's

I just checked and it works out pretty cheap even including delivery given the exchange rate.

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  • mouldgirl
    What is the shipping fee? :)
  • mouldgirl
    Just had a nosey. They have 37 titles to chose from. Starting price $6.99 up to $12.99 each. When I add two to my cart I don't get one free and I need to add my CC details to see the shipping :(
  • queenshrew
    Hi Mouldgirl, I tested it and it works but only *after* you have entered your credit card details. I added 2x US$9.98 dvds in my cart and this is what it shows: Items: AUD 25.66 Shipping & Handling: AUD 14.09 Promotion Applied -AUD 12.82 Total Before Tax: AUD 26.93 Estimated Tax: AUD 0.00 Order Total: AUD 26.93 So, $26.93 for 2 DVDs work out to AUD13.47 each It gets cheaper if you order more I believe..but I haven't played with it yet..will do it later :D ---- ETA: I added different priced dvds, and it chose all the lowest priced ones to give me for 'Free'. So I would advise buying all the dvds that are priced the same to get the most out of this deal :D Postage was AU$44.80 for 10 dvds
  • mouldgirl
    AU$44.80 for 10 dvds
    whoah not that cheap then really. 5 dvds $8 ish. So 10 dvds delivered for $100. Thanx for checking it for me :)
  • admin EDITOR
    whoah not that cheap then really. 5 dvds $8 ish. So 100 dvds delivered for $100. Thanx for checking it for me :)
    Considering that Thomas dvd's seem to float around $20 per dvd - I'd say its pretty cheap.
  • nod
    :D I just edited your post Mouldgirl. 100 dvds for $100 delivered would be an awesome bargain. The Thomas dvd's are not cheap that is for sure. You could find some on special but this is a good buy :)
  • nod
    Just had a thought that this would be great if you got together with a few friends and made a bulk order. Share the shipping fees ;)

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