BOGOF Name Labels @ Mooo (ie two packs for $20)

14 January 2010

Not a bad offer on the name labels @ Mooo at the moment. You can never have too many of these I guess as there is always something else that needs labeling as things get lost again and again. And of course we are just about the head off back to school

If you want to 'spread the love of spam' hehehehehehe ... well sort of you can tell a few friends about Moo and get some freebies
I don't like these sorts of promotions but if you do have 5 or 10 friends and they are happy to be added to the Mooo email list then you can snag yourself some free book labels.
Check out the details on the promo page when you click through the deal

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  • anita9933
    Sounds like a great deal Nod. :) I love the Mooo stuff, thanks. :) But I cant seem to access the deal through the link...
  • golfwidow
    The link works for me but it isn't showing up as BOGOF. Thats for 2 of the same design. It shows up as second for half price.
  • nod
    mmm try it now
  • golfwidow
    Thanks Nod. It works now :)
  • queenshrew
    Ooh and I love how you can spam your friends' names and email addresses for FREE book tempted to put in everyone's email addresses but they would probably hate me..haha Only entered 10! 30 book labels for free..woohoo!!! Oh and free delivery too! Sooo all up, I got 108 labels + 30 book labels for $19.95 delivered. Awesome !:D (and cashback would be a bonus too!)
  • benliau
    Great deal, for $20 ill have all the name labels i need for my kids. Good job mooo!

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