Bob the Builder Bling Orange Shirt @ Charliepop Kids $5

11 November 2007

I've heard rumours that this place is a bit expensive but I reckon $5 is good value for something like this that would otherwise cost you $15 in Target.

Its in the clearance bin with quite a few other things @ $5.

Slight spill on the sleeve and size 6 apparently :)

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  • nod
    Well I paid about $14 for a Bob the builder t-shirt in target for my nephew so I think this is pretty good. And I am all for recycled clothing - so many kiddies clothes must get thrown away Hot vote from me :)
  • fairybelle
    This is good with the cashback as well
  • nod
    Hey Admin is this from the main Charlipop site or the second hand site - I am not sure that she offers cashback on the 2nd hand items

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