Big W Toy Spectacular Starts 1 July - Sneak Preview

21 June 2010

Big W has the catalogue up for their annual toy sale (without prices)

To down load it is 82Mb, so you might want to wait until it is online with prices - but that might not happen until a few days before.

Anyone have any idea when the Kmart or Target toy sale catalogues will be around?

Usually the toys go on sale again later in the year, but they are often a little more expensive!

Check online to find out if your local store is open from midnight. Some go for the thrill of midnight shopping - I go for the thrill of leaving the toddlers home with Dad (asleep)

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  • Rebekah76
    Looks like some items will be on sale online (so might be worth doing if it is one of those items everyone wants) My sister just told me that the Kmart catalogue will be online on 24th June
  • sey
    Target Sale normally ends the last week July/last week of August. After all the others. M
  • mouldgirl
    ]Myer are having their Toy sale on too. Well from 24th. Coles also have some toys out on special now. Or maybe Coles are not until 24th?
  • mouldgirl
    Oh and Target is 22 July I read
  • Keeys
    Wish there was a way to laybuy with the online store. We are an hour away from any of the above stores. We can usually phone up and laybuy but not with toy sale understandably. If we can phone andlaybuy though don't see why they can set up an online laybuy system for the online shopping? I don't usually buy much in these sales so not worth the drive for 1-2 items. Maybe its something we will see in time??
  • Rebekah76
    might be worth calling them about layby this time Keeys - both kmart and big w seem to have a policy this year that you can get the item by layby- even if it's not in store.
  • Rebekah76
    kmart are going to have a wishlist online that you can just print out and take to the layby counter
  • sakinah
    catalogue is here but no prices
  • Rebekah76
    Prices are usually only added a few days prior to the sale. Myer One members get an additional 10% off all toys during the toy sale. You can join for free in store when you make your purchase and they give you a temporary card to use.
  • Rebekah76
  • Rebekah76
    Kmart has a great Wii bundle. console, wiimote, nunchuck plus 5 games for $289. not bad!
  • Rebekah76
    hey Keeys! I think you might be able to call up with your list like you want to - Just need to go to layby counter at Kmart with your list to layby (takes the fun out of the midnight shop really) Kmart lay by conditions: Goods ordered on Christmas layby will not be set aside at a Kmart store during the layby period. Goods will not be available for inspection or collection prior to 1st December 2010. Laybys must be fi nalised by 24th December 2010. Minimum transaction of $20 and minimum deposit of 10% of the layby is required. A non-refundable service fee of $3 will be charged for each layby. Progressive payments are required. 25% off the balance is due by 1st October 2010. See instore for full layby terms and conditions.

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