Aldi - Children's Sleeping Sack - $14.99 - Starts Thursday

18 May 2010

Children's Sleeping Sack, 72cm x 119cm

5 designs: Elephant, unicorn, frog, dog, rabbit

They are way too cute!

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  • lilpretzel
    Thanks & Welcome to Buckscoop flyt :)
  • sparrow
    I bought the Unicorn one when they had them last year, Had to return it though as it was not long enough for my then 5 year old to stretch the legs out properly in.
  • flyt
    Thanks lilpretzel :)
  • flyt
    Sparrow: Yeah at 119cm it's not the longest! Wouldn't fit my 6 year old nephew either but planning to get one for my 3year old niece :) going to get the unicorn too I think!
  • sparrow
    The unicorn was cute, my daughter loves unicorns. She is a pretty tall girl for her age though I guess. I'm sure a 3 year old would fit very well in one.
  • MrsSolid
    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows if it's still possible to purchase one of these sleeping sacks from somewhere? Perhaps there's an online site that someone may know of? I'm not having much luck in my search :(
  • nod
    Hey MrsSolid. Welcome I did a quick search for you too but have not been able to find anything. Maybe Aldi will have them on sale again
  • MrsSolid
    Thank you, nod :) I so hope they do. I bought one for my son and would have loved to have gotten one for his little friend for her birthday.

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