54 infant nappies for $1.98!! Oakleigh Centro Safeway (Vic)

14 November 2007

I just saw this on another board and though I'd post incase someone lives near there and wants to duck out and get some.

Oakleigh Centro Safeway (Vic) has an incredible special going on boxes of 54 infant sized woolworths select nappies. They were $1.98 for the box!!

They seem to be clearing them out, and there were only a couple of dozen boxes when I was there earlier.

Wish I lived near by, I bought these at $10 a box and have found them to be great.

These would even be good for those into making nappy cake gifts.

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  • fairybelle
    What!!! Thats crazy, wish i was in VIC
  • Emma EDITOR
    Sounds like a good price, but I have no idea about this kind of thing!!!
  • schlemster
    know nothing about nappies but that has to be cheap.
  • nod
    bargain! hot vote :)

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