50% off 2 pack body suits @ Target = $7.49 for two

2 March 2009

The sale does not start for a few days (Thursday I think) but I was looking at the latest catalogue and think this is a good offer
Short or long sleeved and the designs are pretty cute. Think they will be 100% cotton

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  • bigal
    great price, will probably pick up a few for the little girl... but I have been looking for a body suite for the 2 yo but cant seem to find many option (if any) esp in the bonds range.
  • Keeys
    I'm having the same issue they seem to go uptoa sz 1 but not a 2. I'm wanting partly for warmth for winter and partly to stop master 2 pulling his nappy off every 2 mins :(
  • queenshrew
    It's so cute! I bought up to Size 2 bodysuits for my little girl from target. They were all pretty ok priced.. just plain ones. But this was last year. She doesnt wear bodysuits anymore.. Im sure you can find similar ones at target if you really need bodysuits, keeys :) Good luck!
  • bigal
    actually my missus just reminded me that my son should be wearing size 2 anyways :S and I have been looking for size 3 all this time haha

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