40 FREE Tiny Labels with any purchase over $20.00 @ Bright Star Kids PLUS 15% off code

17 November 2007

Yes, we're giving away 40 Free Tiny Labels
when you spend over $20 on Labels!

How does it work?
Well, let's say you purchase one of our great value Split Packs, and you get it split between 2 kids, Sam & Sally. We'll then give Sam 40 Tiny Labels and Sally 40 Tiny Labels.

Yes that's a total of 80 FREE Tiny Labels.

The more different names in an order, the more free Tiny Labels you'll get. Wow, talk about getting a great deal!

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  • nod
    I just added a few vouchers for you too Fairybelle. They have a 15% off at the mo :)
  • MamaK
    nice deal with the extra discounts- anyone know what the quality is like?
  • fairybelle
    Thanks Nod.. MamaK the labels are great i have ordered from them a few times. I will be again with this deal too!
  • lilpretzel
    New voucher added just in time for school. PLUS you get free delivery! :)

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