4 boys t-shirts for $28 delivered out of the $5 sale at Bright Bots.

20 February 2013

Its absolutely obligatory to buy Kids clothing on the cheap. You know its just going to be abused and not last. $5 a pop for a t-shirt isnt bad. Bright bots charge a flat rate $8 shipping which on a single item doesnt make sense but if your order is larger then its ok.

The list of items at $5 a pop isnt huge at 29 items. There's 3 or 4 things in there I'd have bought for my junior but he's way too big for them now. You can make a decent order of 4 t-shirts delivered for $28. Not bad. Will post my choice below. Most sizing is 3-12 months.

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    http://www.brightbots.com.au/GetStyleImage.aspx?id=25345&imageSize=extraLarge http://www.brightbots.com.au/GetStyleImage.aspx?id=24906&imageSize=extraLarge
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    http://www.brightbots.com.au/GetStyleImage.aspx?id=25343&imageSize=extraLarge http://www.brightbots.com.au/GetStyleImage.aspx?id=24929&imageSize=extraLarge
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