2 kiddies sleeping bags (2.5 TOG) delivered for $47.95 from Im Wrapped

27 October 2007

While I was hunting down a cheap single comforter for BulbulKSa who posted in the 'Find Me a Bargain' section, I cam across this site. And I found some really good prices in their bargain bin.

These sleeping bags or grobags I thought were a good buy and actually pretty cute. Shame is that they are only available in 18-36months old in the 2.5 TOG
But they are available in the 0.5 TOG for 6-18 months
I have popped the links and piccies in the comments

But 2 delivered for under $50 is good. And the 0.5 TOG are 2 for $29.95 plus $8 delivery

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  • nod
    http://www.imwrapped.com.au/Images/Products/Mid/SB.jpg 18-36 months for $47.95 for ]two http://www.imwrapped.com.au/Images/Products/Mid/Ashley%20BG%20Waffle%20Sleeping%20Bag.jpg 6-18 months $37.95 for ]two And http://www.imwrapped.com.au/Images/Products/Mid/P%20mw%20sleeping%20bag.jpg 6-18 months $47.95 ]for two

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