$15 for LEGO Ninjago Kids Skeleton Watch (35 pces) DELIVERED @Club Lifestyle Deals

19 July 2012

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I did a check on this watch and it is selling at Amazon for US$19.99 +delivery

So regardless, this is a great buy for a lucky little boy.
(Any birthdays coming up?)

Includes :

LEGO Watch
Chopov minifigure
1 black earth spinner
3 defences
Also includes character card, 4 battle cards and
LEGO bricks

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  • Keeys
    I was too late SOLD OUT :( Was a great deal
  • queenshrew
    Oh that was quick! I got 1. When I posted this deal, they had only sold 39. However, they did not set a limit to how many you can buy with your account. I'm guessing some people got greedy ;o
  • z28
    The deal is still on - Just bought 1
  • queenshrew
    Oh awesome! I'm guessing they set the initial limit to 100 units. But cos it was so popular, they must have sourced more...! Thanks for the update, z28! :D
  • Keeys
    Thanks so much for the update z28 :)
  • Pookie
    $15 including shipping is nice...will make a good prezzy for a little one.
  • fatnerd
    That's cool! Gettin' one for my little boy and one for me!
  • sal78
    just wondering if anybody has received theirs yet?
  • queenshrew
    Nope..still waiting....! It does say 30 business days though Which is equivalent to 6 weeks!
  • queenshrew
    I still haven't received mine! I have written to them to complain but have not heard back. If you haven't received yours, you should write to them and make a complaint too! If all fails, I am making a charge back with my credit card. I am never purchasing from them again. Ever... https://deals.clubbuys.com.au/clublifestyle/contact-us/m/ p.s. thanks for reminding me about this, sal78. I have totally forgotten I purchased it..!
  • sal78
    so dodgy! and I bought 2..yup and i have made a complaint to and not heard back anything. this was weeks ago.
  • z28
    I also queried and they apologised and refunded the money. That was weeks ago.
  • sal78
    z28 - lucky you! they haven't even replied to me.

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