136 Huggies Crawler nappies + 480 Huggies wipes for $59 at Babies R Us (Wednesday)

28 July 2013

This Wednesday Babies R Us will be starting their "Big Sale for Little Ones" promotion which runs until the 20th of August. They're promising to price match and beat any offer for the same product by 10% if you find it cheaper anywhere else.

As nappies generally tend to be very popular during these types of sales, I saw that they're going to be selling a 136 mega pack of Huggies Crawler Nappies (6 to 11kgs) for $39 when you spend $20 or more. The same 136 pack of Huggies was going for $49.50 at LetsBeClean.com, $54.89 at GoToddler.com.au and $57.95 at The Nappy Shop Australia.

To qualify for the $20 spend, you could buy a two pack of Huggies unscented or scented refill wipes (2 x 240 wipes) on special at this exact price. The average market price on these looks to be around $14.99 per pack elsewhere although I did find manage to find them slightly cheaper at Chemistwarehouse.com.au for $12.99 per pack.

By purchasing the Huggies Crawler nappies with the 2 pack of wet wipes you'll end up paying $59 in total. But even if I take the cheapest prices from other retailers on each of these items, you're still making a saving of $16.48 ($75.48 - $59) or 22%.

Plenty more items to choose from in their sales catalogue, so if anyone manages to find something which can be price matched and beaten by 10% elsewhere - please comment below!

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