$10 Fairy Dresses from Red Dot Stores - 6 assorted designs and colours!!

7 October 2007

I was looking for a fairy dress-up for my 5 year old this afternoon and came across the Red Dot Stores catatlogue for a sale that begins 8 October 2007. They are advertising fairy dresses for the fashion conscious little girl - the pictured dresses are gorgeous and a steal at $10 each. 6 different designs and assorted colours.

You can't make them for a better price!!

Red Dot Stores don't seem to exist as a web-page so I have linked it back to Buckscoop - not ideal but couldn't do anything else - sorry!

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  • nod
    Thanks Smarmie This is your first deal I think :) I have had a quick look for a Red Dot website and it does not seem to exist. I guess this is one way they keep down their overheads :D Thanks for the posting
  • Smarmie
    Thanks for the welcome Nod. Nice to be part of the Buckscoop community!! :D
  • lisss
    Good find :D there is a privately owned $2 shop that has just opened near me that is selling complete fairy outfits for $2! It makes you wonder how much profit places like Red Dot, let alone non discount stores make on their products!
  • nod
    $2 for a complete fairy outfit!!??? Now that is a bargain
  • Smarmie
    $2 OH MY GOD...makes the $10 fairy dress look positively expensive! I'll have to see if I can track down a $2 shop near me!! :)
  • Keeys
    WOW!!! $2!!! Wish I could find some of those.
  • fairybelle
    $2- Jeez thats CRAZY... i thought $10 was cheap.... Even though i dont really have anyone to buy one of these for its soooo tempting to get one, i wish i was little again, then I'd be a real fairy!
  • lisss
    Yeah it was at a little privately owned $2 shop near me, not like Red Dot or one of the chains. Its good old fashioned in that EVERYTHING is $2, no more or less :) It has just opened and was really busy when I was there, I hope they keep their prices low instead of getting greedy like the rest! They were so busy that I think they might do better that way anyway!

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