$1 kids books from Totally Learning + flat rate shipping.

3 December 2010

This site has been running specials of $1 books. There are 20 $1 books to choose from this time. Postage is $8.95.
I recently got an order from these guys and the books are fantastic!


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    I'd argue that they're not actually $1 books given that it costs you $8.95 to receive them. Having said that - its flat rate shipping so you can add all 20 to your cart and the cost stays the same :) I'm a convert.... good deal. The book for a buck offer ends this weekend and some of them are already out of stock so you might want to be quick to get a bargain.
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    Have edited your post anita as it needed more detail to make it meaningful.
  • anita9933
    Thankyou Donkey. :D

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