Which Click Frenzy 2015 Deals Are Sizzling and Which Are Frizzling

It’s the third year in a row that the Australian retail sector has made mainstream the online sale event widely known as ‘Click Frenzy’. The hype around the 24-hour sale is designed to encourage humble shoppers to part with their cash in the hopes of scoring a once in a year bargain.

However, what we've discovered over the last 3 years is that not all retailers are necessarily offering the bargains they claim to be. In this post I'll list some of the brands to be cautious of as a result of them offering uncompetitive Click Frenzy discounts when compared to the discounts generally found through their monthly release of promo/coupon/voucher codes. However, I'll also follow up with a guide on where you should be shopping to get the best value for money based on some of the top Click Frenzy deals we saw being posted on Buckscoop yesterday.


Click Frenzy is used by retailers to make extra moneyClick Frenzy is marketed as a big retail day to save money, but for many retailers it’s just another way to encourage shoppers to spend more online because they think they are getting better value for money. Christmas is coming up and in retail terms Click Frenzy simply helps extend the gold rush of bigger profits.

Hallensteins, for example, are offering 30% off full priced items for a limited time of 24 hours during Click Frenzy. The offer excludes all offers and outlet items, which generally pushes us towards full priced items anyway. This 30% isn't necessarily the 'bargain of the year', because if you look at the Hallenstein’s Discount Codes page on Buckscoop you will see that they give out 30% off discount codes numerous times throughout the year. For example, in August they were offering two discount codes giving customers 33.3% off on orders over $150 or $300, which is already better value for money compared to their current Click Frenzy offer.

If there’s nothing you like in the Hellenstein’s Click Frenzy sale, don’t feel pressured to try and save money, because they offer between 2-3 discount codes per month, ranging between 10-30% off. Usually, 30% off discounts only come around perhaps every 3 - 4 months, although with Christmas coming up I suspect we'll see another code like this before the new year.


If you think I’m picking on Hallensteins, check out City Beach too. Their website is currently littered with ‘20% off site wide when you spend over $60’ (on full priced items only). It was only a couple of weeks ago (30th October 2015), however, that the brand had 30% off full priced items. In July they also had another 30% discount code, but with the added bonus of being applicable to sale items as well. Have a look down the City Beach Promo codes page on Buckscoop and you will see that 20% off discounts have popped up at least six times this year already. Click Frenzy… more like Click Frizzle as our resident CaptainJack put it back in 2013.


Feel free to check against any retailer's coupon / voucher history on the Buckscoop website if you need more proof. But, enough moaning about these two as the list could go on (cough-cough) … Boohoo, Masters, Sephora, The Iconic… I know, there’s a terrible cough going around at the moment.

Click Frenzy is supposed to stop a nation. Maybe by robbing their pockets.To save you the hassle of having to trawl through hundreds of uncompetitive Click Frenzy offers, a good place to start if you're looking for great value would be with these Click Frenzy deals that popped up on Buckscoop's deals board yesterday. If they're not really what you're after, I also spotted some good Click Frenzy discounts at ASOS, Moss Bros and Bockers & Pony too.

ASOS over the past year have released promo codes ranging from 10-30% with the most common being 20% off. ASOS generally release between 1-4 promo codes per month, but their ‘30% off absolutely everything’ Click Frenzy discount is above and beyond what they usually offer. So, certainly consider ASOS if you would like to save money, especially since they haven’t stated an expiry for the code on their home page yet like other retailers.

Moss Bros is another merchant offering a competitive voucher code. Their 20% off Click Frenzy code is applicable sitewide and represents better than average savings with their most common codes offering between 10-15% off during the year. Only on the very rare occasion will you find code offering between 30% or above off, although they're usually limited to a just small selection of items. This Click Frenzy, however, you have the potential to find some great Australian bargains at Moss Bros. because their code includes everything in their store up until the 23:59 on Wednesday 18th November (the only exclusions are on multibuys or existing offers).


Good Click Frenzy discount codes vs bad Click Frenzy voucher codesFinally, Bockers & Pony seem to be offering one of the highest promotional codes they’ve had in a long time. Their ‘30% off storewide’ Click Frenzy promotional code offers one of the highest potentials to save money with the brand that we’ve seen since June 2015. On the Buckscoop site we most commonly see discount from Bockers & Pony in the range of 5-15% off. But, even though they have been known to release between 1-3 codes in a month, they aren’t very consistent so sometimes you can wait 2 months and have nothing. Our advice right now though would be to make use of this promo code to buy some of their unique, high quality hampers which can make excellent Christmas gifts for either friends, family or associates.



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