Weekly Scoop of Top Life Hacks: Money Saving Cleaning

Cleaning products can be very costly and if there is something that you can do to reduce the toxicity in your home while saving money at the same time, then everyone living in your household will benefit. This week we will focus on looking at some of the best DIY cleaning products out there which can not only speed up cleaning, but cost you less than expensive supermarket alternatives.

The following DIY cleaning hacks utilise products found in most homes and tackle the common types of cleaning challenges faced by all of us. If you have any tips that you would like to share with the Buckscoop community, then please add them to the comments section below.


Oven Spillage Instant Clean Up

We’ve all had that experience when the dish we are baking in the oven gets moved and ends up spilling all over the oven floor, slowly turning the liquid into a charcoaled stain. To avoid time spent scrubbing away endlessly at that stain, use this cleaning hack to instantly reduce the amount of work required, not to mention the other ruined dishes that absorb the burnt smell. The key ingredient is salt. Check out the video for more information on how and when to apply the salt.

[Source: Clean My Space]


Clean Clothes Means A Clean Iron

Calcification is one of the reasons why your iron becomes very dirty and it’s always when you need to iron a shirt or blouse quickly before you go out on an evening that this dirt marks your clothing. So to avoid ruining your clothes, delaying your appointments and saving yourself time then you can ensure your iron is clean with this quick and easy hack.

The only items you will need to use are the following:

  • ¾ cup of white vinegar
  • ½ cup salt
  • Cleaning cloth

[Source: How to clean and Iron by littlethings]


Remove Carpet Stains (No Scrubbing Required)

Methods for cleaning carpets have been passed around the internet a million times, but when I saw a way to clean without scrubbing it caught my attention. You should always try to act quickly when something is spilt as many of the videos tell you. However, what if you notice something that is older than 24 hours and has had time to works itself into the fabric?

This is one of the simplest ways to tackle those stains which appear after you move the furniture or were left by a previous tenant in your apartment. All that is required is a mix of ammonia and hot water that you should spray into the stain. Spread a clean towel over the stain and iron that eye saw out of existence. Don’t be deterred if it doesn’t completely remove itself after the first attempt, you can always go a second round with the stain.

[Source: One Good Thing by Jillee]


Unclogging a Sink

The process of unclogging something is often more associated with toilets, hence the reason we're not always prepared for when the sink begins to drain more slowly. However, this is a job that you can easily do yourself at home. Save money by not calling out a plumber and the extra cash could be spent on a nice bottle of wine (or a few) once the job is finished.

Step One: Locate where the drain has become clogged, there are two main points at which this can happen: at the top or down in the trap (the looped part of the pipe underneath).

Step Two: Target the location to clean. If it’s the top part of the sink then you will need to unscrew the nut under the sink and pull out the pin inside. This will release the stopper that covers the hole of the sink in the basin. Clean this part of the sink both from underneath and from the top.

If the drain is still blocked after cleaning the top part, then to clean the trap you will need to use a form of drain snake that is effectively a flexible pipe used to push down the pipe and dislodge the blockage.

[Source: This Old House]

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