Weekly Scoop of Top Life Hacks: Home Office Improvements

10 March 2017

Those of you who work from home within your home-office may be missing out on vital ways to improve your workspace, both from a storage capacity / layout point of view and from a money saving aspect. The hack videos that we look at today will help you improve your workspace cost effectively and its space efficiency.

We look at ways to enable you to work more efficiently during those busy periods, how you can implement instant improvements to make your experience more bearable and how a little bit of DIY can greatly enhance both the image and organisation of your home office.


Office Hacks that Improve Efficiency

The following hack video covers a number of useful areas that will help improve your posture, clean your keyboard quickly for very little money and how binder clips can be used to organise those tangled cables. My personal favourite was how to turn a cassette case into a smartphone holder.

[Source: Business Insider]


DIY Home Office Hacks

If you consider yourself a handy man then the following tips will help give you the perfect home office suitable for whatever you need. This video shows us how to convert a simple Ikea countertop into a multipurpose work desk, or how we can use multiple screens to improve our posture and work efficiency. There are also some great ideas on decoration in this video too.

[Source: Forbes]


Organising your Home Office

A few simple organisational hacks can really improve both your efficiency and they could potentially save you money too. This video covers some key areas such as the best ways to organise your drawers, how to use around the house items to save money and ways you can make small alterations that make a big difference.

[Source: Pan TheOrganizer]


Wall Mounted Desk with Secret Compartments

If space is a limited resource then making your home office look as presentable as it can be may be very important to you. This DIY video will show you a step-by-step guide to creating a wall-mounted desk that looks smart and modern with LED lighting included. This is a great idea for those with limited space, or who only need a desk to put their laptop on.

[Source: DIY Creators]


Home Office Design Ideas

If you are in a position of moving house or re-purposing a room to become your home office then this video will certainly help you with the planning. The tips and tricks within this video will give you things to think about so you can de-clutter your work space, plan where certain things should go and how laying out the space in a way that puts the most used things within close range improve your experience within.

[Source: watchwellcast]

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