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30 December 2016

As we get into the full swing of summer it’s going to be increasingly difficult to either avoid hosting your own dinner party or attending one at some point. These fun occasions can be a great way to bond with friends whilst still not spending the earth on food and entertainment.

The following tips and hacks will provide you with great ideas on how to prepare in advance for receiving guests, what to include when preparing cheap meal ideas and much more. Additionally, if bugs can be a pest in your garden then learn some of these DIY bug repellent ideas too.


Cheap Dinner Ideas

If you are looking to feed everyone on a budget then taking some tips from the following cheaper dinners video below will get you on the right track straight away. Whether you’re feeding kids or adults the food ideas in the video below are a great way to fill up your dinner plates.

[Source: Carrie]


No BBQ No Problem

If you don’t plan on cooking all of your food over the BBQ whilst your guests stand around waiting then learning some cook ahead meals can prove a great way to save money and time. All of the following meal ideas can be prepared days before so when your guests arrive you can focus on what’s important.

[Source: The Savings Experiment]


Outdoor Dinner Party Planning

Whether you have moved house recently or you simply want to make better use of your entertainment space then the following tips will help you prepare more effectively. Whilst hosting a dinner party may seem easy, you always have to think of the unwanted guests too such as bugs who love standing water, so take note on some of the following things to incorporate into your next dinner party.

[Source: Lowe's Home Improvement]


General Outdoor Entertaining Tips

Half of the battle is thinking about what to feed your guests, the other half is how you keep them entertained whilst at the same time you save money. The ideas in the video below will teach you how to prepare ahead of time so you can save money on last minute panic purchases. Ideas and reminders such as preparing ice in advance using your freezer rather than buying it can prove invaluable.

[Source: Rachel Talbott]


DIY Bug Repellent Ideas

Rather than going out and spending an arm and a leg on bug repellent tools and contraptions, save money by making devices at home with left over items. This DIY mosquito trap produces an irresistible solution that will help take mosquitoes out of your living space and away from irritating your guests.

[Source: SF Globe]


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