Using Google Shopping to Find Discounted Prices and Online Bargains

If there is one thing I have learnt from my time at Buckscoop it has to be this - why pay more for an item when you don’t have to? Our money saving blog and resident deal hunters provide us with enough information on how to find the best deals online every single day. For those of you that are still missing the trick, however, here is a step-by-step guide.

Buying full priced items results in one winner only, and don't be deluded into thinking that's you. This guide will show you how to buy just about any item you like at a discount, moving the winners title away from retailers towards yourself. To begin saving money, all you need is a bit of patience and some knowledge of where to look and you'll be picking up bargains in no time.

The art of saving money requires us to use some online tools to do the majority of hard work. The fact that retailers use dynamic pricing (i.e. prices that fluctuate) can work in our favour, but it can also make the predictability of saving money less of a certainty. Therefore, along with online tools we also need to incorporate promo code and voucher discounts to level the playing field.


Step #1 – Find an Item

A savvy shopper will never buy for the sake of it, so if you like retail therapy this solution might not be for you. However, those of you looking to selectively add to your clothing collection, for example, will find this guide useful.

Always start by looking around online at your favourite retailers to find the products that you like. Generally speaking technology products will be more widely available, whereas fashion items will be limited to certain stores due to styles. Next, it’s time to find out what prices and promotions they have on at the time of looking and to make a mental note.

Google Shopping - how to find a bargain

If you are completely lost for ideas then you can always type a broad description of what you are looking for into Google and hit the Shopping tab to get plenty of recommendations of various related options. This is a good way to see similar types of products that are on sale from a variety of retailers.


Step #2 – Honing In

Money saving tips using Google Shopping feature

Let's say you find that new pair of headphones online using Google Shopping. The next part makes things a little easier because Google does all the hard work for you. It will display all the product specifications, show pictures and also show all the other retailers that currently have the product for sale. Google’s intelligence doesn’t stop there though, because when you select to compare prices against other retailers, it then shows all prices in a list along with delivery costs too.

This is a key feature which can make all the difference between choosing one product over another if you plan on getting an item delivered. There may be numerous retailers selling your product of interest so you can also sort the search results by total price lowest to highest for example. You can also sort the results by free delivery just to make sure that you aren’t paying delivery for no reason.


Step #3 – Adding Value

Once you have the product at the price you are looking for it’s time to see if you can shave any more money from the cost before you click buy. You can start by checking to see if that particular retailer has any promo codes or vouchers that can be redeemed against your item. Visit the vouchers page on Buckscoop to search for your chosen retailer.


Step #4 – Won the Battle but Not the War

Shopping online with Google feature for online bargains

Once you have received your items if you don’t need to use it right away it’s certainly worth keeping the tags on, because most retailers will allow for a price adjustment if the item has been bought / received within 7 days. If you find the price drops e.g. from 20% to 30% off, then get straight on the phone to the retailer to haggle that 10% saving. This final step is a little more time consuming, however for the extreme money-saving-guru’s it can be the difference between a good deal and a screaming bargain.


Final Money Saving Shopping Tips

1) Never pay for shipping. There are plenty of retailers who provide shipping for free whether it’s meeting a particular threshold or meeting other requirements. At the very least if you have no other option, look for free shipping coupons on the vouchers page of Buckscoop to save yourself any relevant delivery charges.

2) Whenever there is a holiday you can be sure there will be a sale during or following it. It may be the day after Christmas or Australia day for example, but be patient and there will be money saving opportunities.

3) Certain items will never go on sale because retailers know they are desirable and can sell at full price every day of the year. This is generally the case for products that are considered classics, staples sold by higher end stores.


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