TomTom Go Live 2050 World GPS ($398.85) versus TomTom Go Live 825 Australia ($279.85)

Thinking of getting a GPS Sat Nav? I was comparing the TomTom Go Live 2050 World with the TomTom 825 today. In summary, the World version of this TomTom is better value overall for me at $398 delivered from Ryda, than the Australia version at $279.85. This is on account of the fact that I will use the world maps, saving me the cost of having to buy them.

So, after checking out the specs on the TomTom Go Live 2050 World GPS  8GB, I found it on for $398.85. The Ryda deal includes a Ryda own brand hard travel case worth $39.95 thrown in, plus a shipping flat rate fee of $14.65 Australia wide. This makes and all inclusive price of $413.30 with that travel case freebie which for me is an essential item. have a promo code for free shipping on orders over $50 making the cost of the TomTom 2050 World only $398.85 delivered. This is the same price as some merchants are selling the 825 Australia version and the 2050 4GB for still. Its also a good deal as the World price at other stores is in the range of $50 to $100 more. Officeworks are selling it at $448 and Dick Smith $500, without the carry case.

The next closest deal to the Ryda price is on, a site I've never come across before, who have it at $398.00 with a flat rate shipping charge of $19.00, making the delivered price $417 without the carry case. The means the price is the winner for me  as I’m getting that case free which they value at $39.99 and a saving of $18.15 on the overall cost as well. Loving these kinds of savings.

Given that the only difference between the World and the Australia versions are the maps, not the specs,  I wanted to price  the TomTom Go Live 825 to see if I could make it work. The issue for me is that I invariably hire a car when I travel and therefore want a GPS. have it priced at $279.85 plus the shipping of $14.95, a total of $294.80 and $100 cheaper than the World. If I need to buy maps when travelling the TomTom price is between $74.95 and $119.95 per region / country. The Single Europe map, which is the most likely that I will use is $119.95 which to be honest I found a bit staggering. The alternative is to hire car + GPS (usually a crappy one). Pricing that at Avis as an example, I'd be looking at $220.61 for a week which is anyones terms is outrageous.

So the World for me represents the better buy and the cherry on the cake in all of this is that TomTom is current running a Free Lifetime Map promotion.Through until 30th June 2013 you can register your product online with TomTom, within 90 days of purchase, to get 4 free maps a year for the lifetime of the product. T&C’s apply check them out here.

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