A Bit of Proactive Thought Around 'when' Exactly to Buy, Could save You Significantly

Adding value to your wallet and saving money where possible can help most people. If you have ever thought about buying something but had to seriously consider the benefits versus the resulting money missing from your wallet, this article may help you. Common sense plays a big part in saving money, so lets see how "common" you are.

Most of you will know some of the following buying methods, so adding a few more to the arsenal should increase your potential saving power. Putting this list together, it came as a bit of a wake up to me when I realised how many of these methods I haven't been using up to now. Applying these techniques could have saved me hundreds if not thousands every year.


Knowing when to make a purchase is key to saving money even if you do not need the product at that particular time. This doesn’t just apply to buying a convertible car in winter, for example, it can apply to clothes, food, holidays and much more.


Fresh Food

Buy Fresh Food at the Right time to Save money with BuckscoopWithout a doubt, buying fresh food in season is a great way to find competitive prices and literally save hundreds of dollars. Food in season will be fresher while its abundance will help drive prices down encouraging all retailers to competitively price products. Plan your menu in accordance with the seasons and you will be laughing all the way to the bank.



When to Buy Clothing in Australia to Save MoneyNot the best-hidden secret out there, but you can really save big on clothing if you buy out of season. A great example would be buying your winter jackets and jumpers at this time of year in preparation for colder months. Saving money can be achieved through substantial discounts that are available, plus you will have brand new clothes as soon as the season starts for rock bottom prices. If you need to buy for kids, apply this same method only buy one or two sizes bigger to accommodate for their growth.



Buying Heaters in Australia to save MoneyPurchasing heaters for the winter months during spring and summer compared to within the winter can really go a long way to shaving off the bucks from the cost. Businesses need to keep selling during the summer months so they drop prices to attract sales. Buy your heater in these months and you will not only be fully prepared for the colder nights ahead, but you’ll also be able to take advantage of the sales stock. Big retailers will introduce new ranges of fans and air coolers for the summer months reducing prices on heating products.



When to Buy Jewellery in Australia and Save MoneyNot obvious to many probably, but shopping for jewellery can also be mastered the same as with clothing. The trick is to avoid buying jewellery in months where sales will increase due to celebrations such as Valentines, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Christmas. Australian shoppers should be aware that March and August usually are the best months to buy jewellery, so check out their clearance or sale sections during these periods. One final tip that western society has seemed to have forgotten is to barter or negotiate over jewellery items, everything is possible so give it a try.



Bedding in Australia and How to Save Money with BuckscoopIt almost sounds strange that bedding should have a seasonal sales cycle, but it does. No retailer wants to be lumbered with a large amount of winter sheets, blankets or doonas when approaching summer and vice versa. Ensure that you check websites as well as retail stores to find the most competitive prices.



When to Buy Furniture in Australia and Save MoneyA key item that every household requires to provide comfort, furniture can be costly especially when bought in the wrong months. Before you rush off to get that sofa or table that’s just popped up on the TV, consider your options. January and February are the best times to buy new furniture after the Christmas sales. Retailers need to clear old stock before new inventory arrives generally in March, so it’s the best time of year to grab a great bargain and significantly increase the value for money that you're getting.



Save Money on Australian HolidaysGoing against the grain is the key to saving money with holidays where, for example, visiting a coastal location in winter and a non-coastal town in summer is a good place to start. It may not be the dream holiday you see on billboards, but living in Australia we are blessed with warmer temperatures in more months than many countries get over a few years. You can usually accomplish the same holiday goals of relaxation and discovery, it simply requires a bit of research and some thinking outside the box. A good idea could be to ask friends and family in chosen locations what they would recommend.



Buying Houses at the right time of year Saves MoneyIf you find yourself in the situation of looking to buy a house, winter is traditionally the quietest time for estate agents and listings. Take advantage of this because there will be more estate agents willing to assist your searches and bargaining for a better price. Colder conditions usually make people less competitive which may help you sneak in a deal if you are in a bidding war.



Get Married at certain times of year to Save More money on your weddingWedding season is a big thing across the globe and each country has its different times of year but in Australia its November and April. To really save money on a wedding you may need to consider a winter wedding. The benefits would be discounted venue hire, accommodation, travel costs, flowers and transport rental. The only difference will be that your anniversaries will likely be spent cuddled up indoors, but as long as you’re with your better half does it really matter when or where you do it?


The purchasing of items is a standard process but if you begin more frequently questioning the “when” aspect of buying, you'll soon realise just how much potential there is for significant savings. What I’ve learnt from this article is that's it's worth taking a more proactive approach to my purchases. By this I mean, planning them a bit better which can be initiated starting today by simply entering a few calendar reminders on my phone of when to take advantage of the various bargain-pricing-periods (mentioned above) throughout the year. Rule of thumb: shop out of season for everything besides food and you’re laughing.


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