Save Time and Energy at Home by Unleashing these Smart Microwave Techniques

It’s safe to say that the majority of kitchens across the westernised world have some form of microwave. Yours may be a standard microwave or you may have one with slightly more capabilities. Whichever type you have I can bet you don’t know all of the following microwave tricks that can actually save you both time and money.

Heating food and the odd drink is mainly what we use those little electromagnetic radiation waves for. Here's how to take your your microwave skills to the next level though. These tips will help you accomplish tasks quicker, allow you to get more out of certain products and ultimately re-kindle your love for this dependable kitchen appliance.


Steam Veggies in your MicrowaveSteam your Vegetables

A great way to quickly steam your veggies and save a load of money on a separate veg steamer is to put them into a microwavable bowl, pour a little bit of water into the bowl and cover the top with Clingfilm. Simply pierce the Clingfilm with a few holes to release the steam and you’re set to go.


Cook eggs in the Microwave Sunny Side UpHow do you like your Eggs?

If you prefer ‘sunny side up’ preheat your plate, add a little butter and crack the egg onto the surface of the plate. Put the egg into the microwave for 45 seconds and hay presto.

If poached eggs are more your thing, fill a microwavable bowl half way with water, crack the egg into the water, cover the bowl with a plate on top and whack the microwave on for 60 seconds.


Prevent Cold Middles

When you re-heat last night’s dinner and want to avoid biting into a cold chunk halfway through it, put your food in a ring around the plate so there is no middle. To improve the heating process for anyone with a spinning carousel microwave, put your plate on the outside rather than in the middle for a more even heat.

Microwave Food in a Ring to get even heat


Microwave soil to Kill DiseaseKill Diseases in your Soil

Microwaving soil can kill diseases within plus help prevent future issues. Probably not ideal to dig up your garden portion by portion, but if you have soil in a plant pot, the university of California recommends filling a paper bag with soil and microwaving it for 30 minutes – just make sure the soil is moist beforehand.


Cleaning Socks

Clean Socks by Microwaving them in Soapy waterIf you’ve gone to your sock drawer and found they are all in the wash a quick way to clean them, without putting them into the washing machine, is via your microwave. Start by soaking the socks in soapy water and then put a bowl with water and the socks into the microwave and cook for 10 minutes. This significantly saves on the water and energy required to run a washing machine.


Microwave Squeezed Citrus Fruit to extract more JuiceIncrease your Citrus Yield

On hot summer days after a few alcoholic beverages there is nothing more annoying than running out of citrus fruits for your drink. If you have squeezed all the limes into your mojito and have none left, don’t be irresponsible and drive to the nearest store to re-stock. Instead try microwaving the squeezed fruits for 10 seconds which will allow you to release the remaining juice.


Get more out of your Mascara by Microwaving itWoman and Mascara

If you believe your Mascara is coming to the end of its days or is drying up, then fear no more. Try putting the mascara container into a cup of water and then microwaving it for roughly 30-40 seconds to loosen up the remaining contents inside. One word of warning would be to make sure the container itself is not metal of course.


Crispy Bacon in Minutes

Get Crispy Bacon by microwaving in on top of an upturned BowlCrispy bacon can sometimes go very wrong, but if you want to make the perfect fry-up in the morning combined with the eggs trick above, this is how. Place a bowl upside down in the microwave and place the bacon on the upturned bottom of the bowl and cook for one minute per slice. Doing this will make the grease dribble down the side of the bowl and allow the bacon to crisp up for the perfect crispy bacon breakfast.


De-crystallise Honey by Microwaving or bathingDe-Crystallise Honey

It may have been a while since you had honey on your toast and sometimes when left unattended, honey can crystallise. There are two ways to extend the life and de-crystallise your honey. Firstly, you can give the honey a hot bath in its container or remove the lid and microwave if for 30 seconds. But whatever you do, do not try to microwave the honey in the bath as you may get a crispy human.


Cleaning your Microwave

After utilising all of the above microwave techniques your machine might need a little cleaning. So, to loosen up any grime and make the interior easier to clean you can do the following. Using some tips from my A-Z guide of awesome uses for ordinary household products, rubbing a halved lemon around the inside of the machine can loosen and freshen its insides. To deodorise, try microwaving a bowl of water with some bicarbonate soda in it. Finally if you haven’t changed kitchen sponges in a while, whack the wet sponge into the microwave and cook to disinfect. Then use this same sponge to wipe down the inside for a double whammy trick.

Clean your Microwave with a Halved Lemon

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