Woolworth's New Commute Shopping Service Could Make Grocery Shopping a Whole Lot Easier

Woolworth's latest grocery service could save you loads of time and money, not to mention stress. The weekly shop can be an especially frustrating chore, kicking in as soon as you arrive at the supermarket and can’t find a parking space. Traffic jams, dodging slow trolleys in the aisles and then having to queue at the checkout till are enough to make even the most patient of us flip out sometimes.

Woolies are hoping to ease this burden, however, with a new trial grocery service where the groceries you purchase online are made available to you at the train station on your way home from work. I’ve personally not heard of a service that adds that much value for money and can eradicate a stressful weekly shop. So how are the trials going and is this something that you would like to have in your train station?


Woolworths Click and Collect Train Station ServiceThe new service was brought into existence off the back of the big hits that Woolworths has suffered recently, resulting in huge profit losses, in an attempt to ease some its woes and gain new customers. Woolies has now teamed up with Sydney Trains to trial the new service at the Bondi Junction station, which just so happens to be one of the busiest stations in the state. Everyday there are over 20,000 people passing through this station who could add value to their journey by collecting their shopping on the way home. So I hope they use this service extensively to uncover whether it actually works and adds value for shoppers.

Additionally, customers shopping with Woolworths will be able to incorporate money saving coupons into their weekly shop if they use Woolworths Online vouchers (e.g. 10% off all orders over $100 for new customers).


The specially designed train station lockers will be refrigerated, preventing food from spoiling. Orders must be placed no later than 11am if they are to be collected later that same evening and each customer must spend a minimum of $30.

The new Woolworths pick up service is the first in Australia and promises great things for weekly commuters. The idea for the service originated in London on the city's underground stations where this is already underway.


If you live or commute through Parramatta then you will be happy to know you´re next to receive this service as part of Woolworths expansion plans. The NSW Transport Minister, Andrew Constance said the new initiative is designed to save people time on their evening commute by subtracting the weekly shop from one’s agenda.

Woolworths Click and Collect in Australian Train StationsMore work and less time is a big phenomenon spread across the globe and everyone has his or her individual pressures. This service, in my opinion, is a double-edged sword because not only will it reduce the congestion at the local supermarket during peak hours, but it may also entice more people to use public transport.

Businesses like Grocery Run, Box Fresh and Kogan Pantry have sprung up all over Australia to service the huge demand for grocery delivery without having to do it ourselves. These services are great because they reduce the traffic on the roads, require less vehicles to delivery more food to households and collectively reduce our carbon footprint somewhat. The addition of Woolworth’s new service in train stations only helps to further that cause.


A Neilson report last year found that only 5% of shoppers actually used the grocery drive through service in comparison to over 53% saying they would use it when it became available. The main barriers to entry for other services such as Grocery Run, Kogan Pantry etc. is the hassle of having to be present at home to receive your order. This is a direct result of the slow update, especially when available delivery times may not be suitable and an additional cost that gets charged for this service, decreasing your value for money.

We have Kate Langford, Woolworths’ general manager of digital retail to thank for this service. She believes in exploring new and innovative ways to service customer's shopping needs, whilst eliminating time consumed. The new initiative from the supermarket giant holds high hopes of increasing the competitive advantage over competitors such as ALDI and Coles.


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