Save Money Using Netflix and Stan’s Offline Viewing Function

11 April 2017

Netflix has been popular with Aussies since it hit our shores with the service now boasting as many as 6 million subscribers. The love doesn’t stop there either because many fans enjoy Stan too, the Aussie native service that competes with Netflix by offering its own unique library titles, both national and international.

Now many of us will feel it necessary to fork out for unlimited broadband packages to fuel our Netflix or Stan binge watching, but with so much TV being watched it’s difficult to keep it always over broadband. Busy lives may cause us to continue watching on the go and this is why you could save yourself hundreds of dollars and still finish that cliffhanger ending.

Streaming Netflix and Stan on your mobile dataWhat many of us may sometimes overlook is the fact that watching only a few series online can become very expensive for our mobile phone bills. Take for example a single episode of House of Cards, stream it on your mobile data in standard definition and it will happily eat 1GB of your data.

If you have a long commute and don’t particularly enjoy reading books then watching your favourite series may seem like the next best thing and even a large data quota can quickly be taken advantage of. Combine this binge watching on your mobile device with checking emails, Facebook browsing (their videos begin streaming as you scroll too) and other Internet searching and your bill can begin to climb rapidly.

Many of the telecommunication providers in Australia charge roughly $10 per additional 1GB over your tariff, which means you are paying a premium to watch your content for no reason. This next piece of information will get you to think more seriously: in 2016 Australians collectively wasted $86 million on excess data charges with video content streaming being one of the major reasons.

Save money by downloading your Netflix and Stan content to your mobile device

How Do I Save Money?

This part is simple and it only requires a very small amount of forward thinking. Your Netflix or Stan account has an inbuilt offline viewing capability that will allow you to continue watching offline. By the way, found that 1 in 6 Australians had no idea this existed, with more expressing no interest in using it.

However, viewing offline can be incredibly useful when trying to save money or watch your favourite content on an aeroplane, train, bus or any other location that doesn’t have reception. If you are accessing it from a smartphone or tablet then you will see an icon that lets you ‘download now and watch offline later.’ This feature is available to both Android and iOS devices, but it’s not available to devices such as TV’s or laptops.

The content can be downloaded via your home Wi-Fi and will be stored to your devices hard drive. Furthermore, it can be a great way to provide some free entertainment to smaller children, especially if you are using a form of travel that doesn’t have suitable entertainment for kids, e.g. a budget airline.

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