Save Money Living in the Big City on a Small Budget

5 January 2017

Living in the big city can bring excitement and energy but also high costs. If you are someone who has succumb to the allure of living in the big city but you want to try and make it on a small budget then the following money saving tips are aimed to help you achieve this.

This article includes information from a variety of money saving experts around the world who have shared their knowledge on the best ways to spend less whilst living in a centrally. Certain tips may seem like common knowledge whilst others may be the beginning of a new affordable city lifestyle.



Moving out from your parents place can feel like the biggest sense of freedom, but whilst everyone wishes they could afford their own place within the city that might not be the case. Try cutting your rental rates in half by sharing with a roommate or two. Blowing your entire budget on rent can make living in the city pointless because you have no money to enjoy yourself with. There is a good online service to help you find roommates if you don’t happen to know anyone in town.


Commuting in Sydney to save moneyCommuting

Living centrally is costly and at times in my life I have sacrificed location for commuting which ended up saving me thousands in rent. Whether you can find roommates or not, choosing to live a little further out on a good public transport line can be a good alternative. A longer train or bus ride can make all the difference between a few more hundred in your pocket.


Learning to Cook

Countless times in the past I have suggested that preparing your own coffee or lunch at home can save hundreds of dollars per month with very little extra work. Eating out everyday at $15 per day will cost you $300 per month. Live smarter and cook yourself two large dishes on a Sunday that you can rotate through out the week for lunch, if you need some money saving tips, learn from the following two articles on how to preserve food.


Eating Out

If you do have to eat out with friends and family who visit you then this doesn’t mean expensive food, show them the city whilst eating street food that with a little experience can prove an invaluable experience. Walk your neighbourhood and find cheap street food to save money on meals out and when you find something good, stick to it so you can manage your costs more effectively.


Happy hour in SydneyHappy Hour – Unhappy Pocket

Nothing can kill your wallets spending power more than happy hour alcohol on a Friday. Social encounters can be important when starting a new job or maintaining friendships but we’re not suggesting you avoid happy hour completely, we are encouraging you to avoid it on a regular occasion. Tonic and lime can be a cheap and affordable way to give the appearance of drinking without incurring the cost of alcohol. Below are some more ideas on how to save money drinking look-a-like alcohol.

  • Virgin pina-colada
  • Cola and ice
  • Ginger ale
  • Cranberry juice in wine glass


Gym Membership

If you like to stay fit and healthy then a gym membership might seem like the easiest option, but it can also prove expensive when living on a budget. Why pay expensive membership fees when you can utilise the city around you for exercise? Create you own running trail around your neighbourhood, use a pull-up bar at home and even use outdoor gyms built by the town hall if available. Alternatively, if none of the options above are suitable then try using this outdoor city work out program.


Online Discounts and Bargains

Finally, living in the city means you may be more tempted by retail outlets to buy something either on your way home or whilst travelling around the city. This temptation can cause you to potentially spend more money than you have to, so try withholding your urges and utilising money saving blogs such as Buckscoop to find online bargains and discounted products. Additionally use our promo codes and vouchers section to receive money off online purchases. Below are a few examples of both:

Live Deals

Promo Codes and Vouchers

Online Bargains and Discounts

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