Save Money for a New Smartphone with These Money Saving Apps

In the fortnight we have witnessed numerous scandals across the smartphone industry. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has had a global recall due to exploding batteries and the latest Apple iPhone 7 has been slandered for looking the same as the past two years models and only adding water resistance but nothing else.

If you are feeling like the massive amounts of money required to buy these new handsets is a little daunting then why not hold onto your device for one more year, save money and put it towards a more desirable smartphone in 2017. These are some of the best money saving apps in Australia that make saving simple and manageable from your mobile phone.


Pocketbook AppPocketbook – Personal Finance Expense Tracker

Available: Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

This Australian based app is one that can sync seamlessly with your financial set up, including bank accounts, credit cards and loans. Download the app and connect it to your accounts and it will categorise 80% of your transactions after it has completed searching through your regular payments e.g. bills.

Best Features

The most useful features are things such as the activity feed which is updated with the latest insights into your money e.g. a single view of your budgets, transactions, balances and upcoming bills. When syncing the app doesn’t require manual input either thanks to the Australian banking system, plus it’s incredibly useful for reminding you about upcoming bills.


Wallet+ appWallet+

Available: Apple, but not Android

This is ideal for those people who travel regularly and hate the idea of carrying all of their credit, debit and loyalty cards. It allows you to store all of your card details to your phone without the need to carry them around with you, reducing the risk of losing them and having to go through the painfully slow cancellation process.

Most Suitable for

This is ideal for those of you who love to have a members card to every shop possible, so rather than ransack the house for that speciality card to score an online deal, simply get the details from your Wallet+ app. If you are someone with a huge wallet then this is your chance to downsize and store everything on your handset so you don’t have to hold up the cue whilst you rummage through the thousands of cards and junk that you have.


Splitwise appSplitwise – Shared housing

Available: Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

This app is specifically useful for those individuals out there who share housing such as students after leaving college. This app basically organises household income and spending to show who owes what and who is spending what. If you have a questionable housemate or maybe that’s you, then it’s great for monitoring runaway spenders.

Best Features

Users enjoy the benefits of being able to keep track of their apartment bills, trips and random IOU’s, plus everyone can log in and see their balances and add new expenses e.g. if a new house TV is bought. The most important feature in my eyes is the ability to receive notifications on when important bills are due.


Australian Salary CalculatorAustralian Salary Calculator

Available: Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

If you want to get to the bottom of how much your annual salary will really buy you then this app makes its easy to calculate. It will tell users how much tax you are liable to pay, what Medicare levy and Low Income Tax Offset you will be responsible for too. The slider feature makes it very easy to select your salary rate and the end result is the net income that you will actually receive per month and per year in your bank account.


Australian Tax Office appAustralia Tax Office (ATO)

Available: Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

The ATO app is one of the essential tools for helping you with your tax return and organising your superannuation. The tools are especially helpful for reducing the amount of time you spend on certain tax tasks and it can be used for helping individuals, small businesses and super trustees.

Best Features

The ability to record all expenses is one of the most useful features, whether they are for work related travel, family vacations or other. Another feature many users find useful is the financial health check-up on business performance plus the level of return you’re receiving. It’s useful to know that in order to use the online services you must link you’re myGov account to the ATO app.


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