Risky Jobs You Can Do Yourself to save Money

Many people shy away from difficult or risky jobs because they don’t think it’s possible to do themselves or because they don’t have the knowledge to complete the task to what they believe is a satisfactory level. These jobs could be fixing your own car or doing DIY home improvements for example. Whilst they might appear dangerous at the beginning, a little knowledge will prove they aren’t that hard at all.

If you have paid through the nose in the past to have DIY work or mechanic jobs completed which took the professional no more than half an hour to complete it can leave a bad taste in your mouth and a large hole in your wallet. Below are some of the more daunting tasks that you should really be having a go at yourself if you need to save money.


Cutting Hair

It’s pretty hard to hide a bad haircut and we’ve all had one before which is one of the things that hinder most of us from attempting to cut our own or anybody else’s. However, if you have a steady hand the job really isn’t too difficult and it can also save you money from visiting a barber or salon. Now, we’re not recommending a full make over here, but if you simply need a trim or tidy up, this can be an ideal way to prolong the times between your next barber or salon visit. There are plenty of YouTube videos online which can show you the best methods to tackle this risky job, but here is one below to get you started.

[Source: Hair 101 with April]


DIY Home Repairs

Certain home improvements do need to be left to the professionals, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do the odd jobs that are required to reduce the total cost and save money where it doesn’t need to be spent. It’s a good suggestion to leave things related to plumbing, gas or electricity to the pros but doing other jobs can reduce your cost and increase your return on investment. Why not check out the video below for more ideas on what you can accomplish on your own.

Jobs that could be attempted by you at home could be as follows:

  • Patching drywalls
  • Fix stuck doors
  • Replace outdoor light fixings
  • Fitting indoor lights
  • Painting

[Source: Better Homes and Gardens]


Deep Frying Food

Deep-frying for those of you who have done this before either at home or at work might not think this is particularly scary, but for those who fear the idea of scalding hot oil on the kitchen counter might be a little wary. When the temperature of the oil has the potential to reach 200 ‘C it’s always advisable to act with precaution. Below is a YouTube video that will help you to prepare your cooking area for safe deep-frying activities.

[Source: Popsugar Foods]


Building your Own Personal Computer

If you are a techie and lover computer gaming then it can be one of the most satisfying things in the world to build your own computer. However geeky it seems, it provides a great sense of achievement and simply requires the following of instructions, similar to building a piece of IKEA furniture. It can be a more daunting task but to get the amount of power you may need, it’s a great way to save money. The video below will help you get started in building your own computer.

[Source: LinusTechTips]


Completing Your Tax Return

Competing a tax return may seem daunting, especially as you run the risk of short-changing yourself by hundreds or thousands of dollars. However, the exercise is an easy enough activity and when completed by yourself can potentially save you hundreds of dollars on accountant fees. Doing it yourself also gives you more control over your finances and allows you to better understand your financial position each year. Of course, doing your own taxes does depend on how complex your tax situation is. Read my previous article on where you can save money by completing your own tax return.


Car Maintenance

Our cars can mean the difference between getting to work and having to get the car towed to a garage. Most of us tend to leave all types of work on our cars to the professionals out of fear that we may get something wrong or don’t understand how to do something. We are not referring to changing the wiper blades or pumping up the tires, but with the right information and the correct tools you can easily replace a drive belt or battery. Doing your own oil change is also a simple job when following the right guide. The next time you need a minor job to be done on your vehicle, try searching YouTube first for tips and guides.



There is no disagreement that sometimes a particular job will require a licensed plumber or electrician to tackle the task. Those more risky jobs should be left alone and not attempted by you, but if it’s jobs such as unclogging pipes or drains then save money on expensive plumber hours and get some elbow grease on it yourself. That leaky tap, dripping pipe or running toilet can easily be tackled by you to save money. If you come across any of these odd jobs that need to be done around the house then it’s a great idea to find walkthrough guides on YouTube and online websites.

Personally, I have attempted all of the above tasks and found that with the right advice they were very easy to complete. If you have been avoiding them in the past, now it’s time to attempt these risky jobs and potentially save yourself hundreds of dollars in the process by following good advice from people who have done it themselves.

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