Money Saving Tips to Implement During Day Light Saving Hours

13 April 2017

A few simple changes can go a long way when trying to save money at this time of year. Whether it’s your personal time that you want to save by offsetting it against costs or simply another online search for money saving ideas on the web, we believe we have a few to add to your money tips arsenal.

The ideas that we look at today are things such as an autumn clean out as opposed to a spring clean, refreshing your pantry with more cooler weather meals or getting a little more out of your local community to aid your quest for more money saving ideas. Even a few caught me off guard and I thought I had seen everything on this blog.


Daylight saving and money savingEco-home Switches

If this money saving tip sounds a little futuristic then feel safe that it’s not and there are many ways you can make your home more eco and wallet friendly without complicating your life. A simple fix can be changing all of your incandescent light bulbs to LED or CFL bulbs.

If you want to look at the bigger picture then request a company to come and visit your house to assess how they could make your house completely energy efficient by only making a few alterations to switches and home controlled systems. The initial outlay in the first year my pay you back handsomely in the second, third and fourth years.


Bring a Dish

It has become too common for friends and family to go out for dinner and catch up and if you want to stay in the loop of gossip but not pay the price of an expensive dinner then try the ‘bring a dish’ idea. This basically means invite those you want to catch up with over to your place and ask everyone to bring a dish. You get to eat for less, they do too and there will generally be plenty of choice and variety too.


Save money growing your own herbsCooking Herbs

If you have a spare area in your house to grow a few herbs then utilise it because it can prove very helpful plus save you a nice chunk of money each year by growing them for free. Those of you who are thinking they don’t have any space at all, try a jam jar on the window ledge, no space is too small for a tiny herb plant.


Local Library

At threat of becoming something only our parents and grandparents would use, the local library can still have a great impact on your life if you decide to use it. If you are lucky enough to have a local library in your area then they are generally free and you can borrow as many books as you like without spending a cent. Book lovers can save hundreds of dollars every month by simply using the free resource that could be on your doorstep.


Refresh the Pantry

During these clean outs I always use a service like to put as many random ingredients together and let it calculate a recipe from them. This has saved me a fair amount of money every time because it uses ingredients that previously I had thought were not able to go with anything.

Cleaning out the pantry has also provided more space to be able to see the new seasons products that I buy, helping me reduce the amount that spoils because it was previously hidden.


Autumn clean to save money and timeAutumn Clean

As you would when spring comes around, you should use this same concept for autumn. Start by storing all of your items that are meant for summer such as clothing, bed linen, ornaments and items around the house that will only collect dust. If you have storage then utilise it, otherwise for those more sorry looking items try giving them to charity or selling them online. If you were only going to throw something away, why not get a few dollars for each item?

We hope that these tips prove helpful as we now begin out descent into the cooler part of our year and we would greatly appreciate any money saving tips that you can share with our community, simply use the comments section below.



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