Money Saving Christmas Bargains and Shopping Tips

15 December 2016

We are well within the countdown to Christmas and with office parties and kids holidays / parties all kicking in, it can make your money saving activity seem rather fruitless. That’s why we are going to share some money saving tips that you can utilise over the next couple of weeks to ensure you don’t bust the bank account before Christmas.

If you like to plan further ahead then the following money saving tips will also give you the best chance of starting the new year on the right side of the breadline. Work will generally be quieter for most industries at this time of year too so utilise your free time and keep more money in your wallet with these money saving tips.


Christmas Cupboard

As with shopping for any annual occasion or festivity always try to fill up your food supplies in a sustainable way by avoiding impulse purchases. Utilise your Costco membership if you have one or look for money saving vouchers and coupons on our Buckscoop website to buy discounted wine for example. Not all products have to be bought at the same shop either, deals and bargains reveal their heads at different times throughout the month of December and across the year.


Money saving apps and Shopping appsShopping Apps

Hunting for online deals and money saving bargains is made easier if you use websites such as Buckscoop, where we do the hard work for you. Yet, if you want to automate the process further then you can also install apps onto your smartphone that help you save money autonomously for Christmas shopping. If this sounds like your way to go then check out apps like Acorns, Digit and Tip Yourself.


Learn Retailer Traps

True deal hunters will smell a rat when a deal is too good to be true, however others might not be so talented when walking through the isles at your chosen store. Retailers love to manipulate the public into spending money via advertising and hijacking our senses. A great example might be a store selling freshly made food and having a small stand allowing customers to try the products because their nose has carried them there. Before you buy, check the price of the items on offer and cross reference that with the generic products from that store and witness the savings before your eye.


Qantas Frequent Flyer Reward schemesReward Schemes

Spending money during the month of December can cause the bank account to dwindle. If you are tight for money this year or then why not open up value for money you’ve already spent and is now locked away in reward schemes. Those of you who have spent a year stockpiling points on a number of different services e.g. Qantas frequent flyer points and don’t plan on travelling for Christmas may find that they can serve as a good present to family members instead.


Sell Old Items

Christmas is one of the best times to get rid of your unused items because of the thousands upon thousands of deal hunters that live out there. Buckscoop specialise in finding money saving bargains and discounts online from retailers, yet there are always those out there buying second hand. So why not reduce the price of your products further by selling older items to help pay for new ones.


A Temporary No

Giving up that $3 coffee each morning and that lunch out from the office can make a big difference in the run up to Christmas. During a month lavished with generosity, going that extra mile to give up what you enjoy if only for a month so you can have money to give more to your loved ones can feel more rewarding than giving the actual gifts. If you spend $5-15 per work day eating and drinking out, then by stopping this you could put up to $75 back into your pocket each week.


Christmas Time Negotiations

If you happen to have more spare time towards the end of the year then why not put it to better use by negotiating stronger deals for the year ahead. Most people will feel more charitable at this time, especially when you show them respect as you ask for a cut in your credit interest rate or cheaper monthly Internet subscription. The biggest rip off according to Choice in Australia is mortgage lenders so make your provider the first on your list to call.

Christmas time negotiations

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