Ikea’s Home Delivery Service and How to save Money at Their Stores

28 December 2016

IKEA in Australia for the first time in Australia have launched a new service allowing customers to receive their products delivered to their front door. The service will go into action first at their Canberra store, with the service rolling out to other stores later. The ‘click-and-collect’ service costs $20, whilst home delivery starts at $79, depending on location.

David Hood, IKEA’s country manager plans to roll the service out in efforts to boost sales by 10%. Ultimately, IKEA do not charge for size, weight or number of items, delivery prices are driven by location, so when combining the money saving tricks below and bundling them all into a delivery, their $79 shipping cost can save you a whole lot of stress and even your back.


In the past if you may have had to do multiple trips in your vehicle to pick up your order from IKEA or maybe you have had to rent a vehicle to fit everything in, but now you can reject those ideas knowing their home deliver service will be rolled out to all stores in the coming year. If this additional time means you can spend a bit more looking around the store for deals and discounts we have a few money saving tips to use on your upcoming IKEA trip.


Avoid the entire store by using IKEA shortcutsMoney Saving Shortcuts
When walking the store’s floors be on the look out for their hidden shortcuts, because IKEA wants to force you to walk around the entire store in hopes that you find more items you may or may not need, but end up buying anyway.

If the hustle and bustle distracts you far too often, then a good money saving tip is to download the IKEA app so you have the floor plan accessible on your smartphone.


Moving Program

If you notify IKEA that you’re moving house, they will reward you with a $25 discount on purchases of $250 or more. It’s not much, but in the grand scheme of things, combine this 10% discount with other purchases and you’re on your way to saving more than the guy next to you in the queue.


Money Saving Members

IKEA Family membershipBecoming a member of IKEA Family is free to join, but comes with some money saving advantages such as access to discounted prices on a selection of monthly rotating products. If discounted items isn’t enough to wet your beak, how about knowing each member receives a free coffee or tea, BYGOF on frozen yoghurt or extended time at ‘Smaland’ (the kids play area) on each visit to the store.

Furthermore, being a member brings the 90-day price protection guarantee with it, so if you buy a product and it then goes on sale, you will receive the difference back if you bring your receipt into the store.


Know what you Want?

If you go to IKEA with a solid plan of what you already want it makes the battle much easier. Print out your shopping list from their website and go straight to the warehouse part of the store, because their printed out list includes the aisle and area in which to find your chosen items. Collect and pay and you may have saved yourself a family feud for another day.


IKEA As Is section for discounted productsAs-Is Section

Finally, if you want to really score some money saving deals then I would start your shop at the ‘As-Is section’. These are basically all of the items that have been returned and can be bought as seen with their damage. Personally I have seen beds at 25% discount or kitchen tables with as much as 50% off. It all depends on how your stately neighbours have treated their returns, but with so many money saving opportunities to be found in this section, it’s expensive to miss it out.

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