How Virtual Reality Retail Counters Could Save Us Money

The tech scene has been raving about the arrival of virtual reality (VR) over the past 12 months and its clear to see why people are getting excited about it. Video gaming has been taken to new heights both companies such as Oculus Rift and others that simply use the screen of our smartphones.

A number of companies have been experimenting with VR to adapt it to the retail industry with one Chinese company using it to create a virtual cosmetic counter to buy goods from. Ray Ban’s website can tap into our computer’s camera to show how glasses will fit our face, but how intelligent can this technology become and will we all be shopping from our living rooms in the future? Fewer bricks and mortar must surely bring the prices down too, I bet you’re thinking.


Virtual Reality Cosmetics countersChina is on the brink of shaking up the online shopping environment across the globe with a new e-commerce technology that will make the virtual changing room and cosmetics counter a reality. Since ASOS’ inception it has been heavily praised for its easy to use returns service, but I believe gone are the days where we have to order the wrong colour, size or shape and then have to post it back.

The excitement is stirring from the Shanghai Zizhu entrepreneurial incubator, where Olivia Wan demonstrated how customers might choose between different sunglasses and lipstick shades via their VR system. The demonstration saw the user try on purple, pink and red lipstick all whilst looking into the VR device. Another screen cleverly measures the face of shoppers and suggests products that may be more suitable to their face shape and colour. This technology will also be adaptable to the full body.

To put things into perspective, Shanghai, China has a population equivalent to Australia all crammed into a metropolitan area. Travelling to and from the shopping centre, parking and queuing in store are all much more difficult tasks to complete without stress in this type of environment. Growing population may mean more cities reach this level. If that wasn’t enough, China’s online retail market is the worlds largest at $830 billion in sales in 2015, which means its 80% bigger than the USA.

L’Oreal the French beauty giant seems to agree, because in June they released an app called Makeup Genius. It lets you view yourself in real time wearing products that aren’t actually on your face. This is especially useful for women who don’t know which colours will suit them best, but trying products in store isn’t a possibility so this is the next closest thing.

The ability to buy products that you have ‘tried on’ via clever apps such as L’Oreal’s can drastically help women save money. The inability to try colours and shades in store can mean that sometimes women don’t end up with a product that suits them. This lack of trying before buying can also mean that they become fixated on one product or another because they fear experimenting due to throwing away money on a product that doesn’t suit them. Money in many cases is time and one thing this technology can do too is allow customers to try on 100 eye shades for example in the time it takes to fully apply one in real life.

The L’Oreal app is planned to launch in 2017 in Australia, but in the mean time if you plan to experiment a little more with your make up then below are a selection of beauty deals, discounts and coupon codes that will help you save money on make up and fashion from Buckscoop.

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