DIY Home Improvements to Increase Your Property's Value Before Selling

There comes a time when a different property is required for your current circumstances, perhaps your family has grown too large or maybe you need to downsize. Whatever the eventuality, if you are looking to sell your residence then one of the smartest things you can do is to ensure you have the greatest chance of increasing its value prior to sale.

Moving house can be stressful enough without having to think about how to increase the value of your property. Luckily, there are methodical processes you can go through to give yourself the highest possible chance of increasing the price. If you or anyone you know is looking to sell their home, this is a list of the things that can be done add as much value as possible before the viewings begin.


Estate Agencies

Estate Agents help increase the value of your propertyPotentially one of the most important factors to selling your property in good time and for a good price is to choose the right estate agent that matches your goals and aligns with your expectations. They are the first point of contact a buyer will have with your property and it can make or break the deal. Having an agent who doesn’t know how to sell the strong points of your property will only hinder your success in selling as well as the value of the offers that you receive.

What to Look for in your Agent:

  • Commission rates (low doesn’t mean the best)
  • Recent sales data including average price in your area
  • Local experience / years established
  • Amount of properties sold like yours previously


If this process is new to you then you can use online tools to assist you with finding suitable agents,. Websites such as RateMyAgent can provide some market knowledge and insight. This site, for example, shows sales history and generates over 2,000 vendor reviews each week.


DIY Improvements

Interior DIY Home Improvements to increase the value for moneyTo increase the value for money at the point of sale you need to keep costs low, which generally means you need to try and do more of the repair work yourself. A great way to begin is go around the property and create a snagging list that is basically a list of odd jobs about the house that can be done to improve the appearance. The more a buyer notices wrong with your property, the stronger their argument becomes to negotiate the price downwards.

If you don’t feel up to completing any DIY work yourself, then I would certainly recommend reading my previous blog post "Valuable DIY skills that are easy to learn and will save you Big Bucks". You may find that you can save money on DIY by as much as $150 per hour. If there are a few jobs that you believe you can tackle, have a quick skim over these 10 DIY Hacks to Help Save Time and Money’.


Interior DIY Tips

  • Paint over any bold dark coloured walls to make the house feel lighter
  • Deep clean your carpets to remove all stains and freshen the smell
  • Remove all signs of mould and flaking paint in every room
  • De-clutter the main living areas; living room, kitchen, dining room etc.
  • Scrub all bathrooms and the kitchen and remove any stains
  • Remove any warped or damaged blinds / curtains etc.
  • Remove or hide any broken items e.g. furniture or ornaments
  • Open windows and doors to let as much light enter as possible during viewings


Exterior DIY Tips

  • Excessively trim back hedges three months prior to viewings to allow for fresh green growth to fill the space
  • Tidy up all garden areas, rip up weeds, de-clutter flower beds, cut the grass regularly, pick up leaves and trim any trees
  • Tidy up the entrance to your property e.g. paint gates, front doors, walls etc.
  • Jet-wash any mouldy patio tiles and steps
  • Tidy up all pet toys or pet orientated items
  • Take down any deteriorated garden items e.g. rusty trampoline


Exterior DIY Home improvements to improve the value of your propertyAfter accessing the situation and understanding what needs to be done to your property, check out the Buckscoop freebies page as we sometimes get DIY orientated offers (e.g. free pots of Sherwin-Williams paint from Masters). If you don't find anything useful there, however, you can always head over to the Deals page or Vouchers page to find discounted items to improve your home in other ways before putting it on the market. Some examples being a 20% off homeware voucher at Whiteport, or a $30 off promo code at Adairs when spending $80 or more.

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