Big Brands Spend Big Money to Charge You Big Prices

The marketers and advertisers objective is largely to lull consumers into a false sense of security, where we believe everything they say. Their ideal world is not so ideal for us consumers though, who often get burdened with over-inflated costs. If you’re a savvy shopper and save you may very well be aware of these ploys.


I would like to bring to your attention some important household products that you can still buy, without the expensive price tags. Even if you consider yourself to be the savviest shopper around, there are always ways to improve and these products may just help you do that.


Companies spend billions every year advertising their products to tell us how much better they are compared to all the rest. In some cases this is true, but in others not. Take pain killers for example, they all need to be certified by the government before going on sale, so how can one be better than the other? Panadol and Nurofen for example are big brand names in this space. Take away their fancy names and they are basic Paracetamol and Ibuprofen.

Nurofen costs roughly $6 for 24 tablets and Panadol close to $3.50 for 20 tablets. Buying the exact same ingredients, which deliver parallel results to the above are Ibuprofen, which generally cost $1.50 for 24 tablets, and Panamax, which is priced at $0.99 for 100 tablets.

Comparing the two prices of Panadol and Panamax that have the exact same ingredients you would save yourself 94%. Put differently, if you were to buy 1 pack a month for the entire family you would save yourself $30 a year. Retailers to use could be Priceline and Aldi to buy cheaper products.


Aldi toothpaste - DentexToothpaste

Colgate is another company that spends big on marketing. Try and name 4 big toothpaste brands, bet you can’t. Instead of paying over $5 on Colgate teeth whitening toothpaste at Woolies and Coles, get the same result with Aldi’s $1 alternative. Buying one tube per month for a year with Aldi will cost you $12, whereas the others will put you back an additional $48.


Woolworths Select Spf 30+ Sunscreen Tube Face 50mlSun Screen

All sunscreen products must adhere to certain rules for protecting the skin. Companies may make their creams thinner whilst others thicker, but essentially they all do the same thing: stop UV rays damaging our skin. This really astonished me, Invisible Zinc price their spf 30+ 50ml facial product at $64.40 per 100ml. Compare that to Woolworths own brand spf 30+ 50ml and you will pay $0.25 per 100ml. For example if you use two bottles of Invisible Zinc facial sunscreen for the summer you will spend $128.80. But, spend the same amount on Woolies own brand and have the equivalent of 9 years worth.



ManBrand shavers club

Gillette the household brand is the undisputed market leader for shaving products, who can charge up to $50 for 8 of their high-end blades or roughly $6 per blade. Everyone’s got to shave and with Gillette one person could be spending up to $24 per month if they used one blade a week. Even a couple would be spending close to $50 per month just for shaving. A quick search online showed little competition within the main stores, so an alternative to reduce your monthly bill could be via a company called ManBrand. Spend $8.50 per month and have three 5-blade razors sent to you via post. Over the course of a year buying once per month will cost you $102 with ManBrand, compared to buying the equivalent Gillette product for the same period at $288.



Most of us will have likely consumed a fair amount of the stuff over the holiday season so the sight and smell of it may be unwelcome to most. However, a great way to save money on alcohol is to buy via discounted deals such as Dan Murphy’s Stocktake clearance sale. However, a second alternative is to find less recognised brands that have their products produced in the same factory as big brands. For example, Larios Dry Gin is produced in the same factory as Gordon’s London Dry Gin but, simply uses a slightly different selection of herbs.

Stocktake Clearance Sale Dan Murphy's


The additional savings that can be made by simply changing the brands that you buy could be the basis for a new year's resolution to spend less and get more value for money. Something we're all about here on Buckscoop. Happy savings!

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