How to Negotiate a Bargain on JB Hi-Fi Products

JB Hi-Fi is a techie’s playground, with so many technology products available it can be difficult to pull yourself away from all of the offerings. If your desire for tech outweighs your ability to afford it all, then you'll be happy to know that you can actually save money at JB Hi-Fi or receive discounts by simply asking nicely.

Within this article you will find advice on how to get the best prices on a range of JB Hi-Fi products. This applies to a wide range of things such as laptops, TVs, gadgets, movies and even music. With Dick Smith out of the picture now, you can focus on negotiating a better deal at JB to ensure you always leave their stores with the lowest price possible.


Don´t Ask, Don´t Get

JB Hi-Fi Store Front Asking for a JB Hi-Fi discount is the first step towards getting a bargain on a particular product. If you don’t feel confident enough after reading this here, know this: JB Hi-Fi promotes the fact that customers should ask for a good deal.

You may have noticed the numerous signs around their stores saying, “Ask for a JB deal”. This puts the ball in your court, and it’s expected of you to ask so don’t feel guilty or shy.

The best bargains can be achieved on higher priced items e.g. digital cameras, computers, home audio systems and anything else over the $100-200 price point.


Step One

Research a baseline cost of your desired product on the website before you visit the store. Check out prices at other stores as well, such as Bing Lee, Big W or Harvey Norman for example. This is a good practice for finding the best price on a product in general, but in this instance the price comparison are something you should be using as leverage when negotiating with JB Hi-Fi staff.

Using this price information, it's time to go in-store and pull them up on their policy of not being beaten on price. In efforts to secure the sale, JB are usually willing to take a hit on their profit margin and price match a valid quote or offer you have received from another retailer.


Step Two

Discount deals and bargains from JB Hi-FiFinding a JB Hi-Fi staff member and make it very clear from the outset exactly what sort of price you want based on comparative prices in the wider market. This will put you in the driving seat of the negotiation. Could could start off by saying something along the lines of, “I visited a different retailer but didn’t get a good feeling from the staff member and their willingness to secure my business. Also, they quoted me a price of $XXX.”

Then ask straight after that statement if they can discount your desired product further for a quick sale? Something along the lines of, “I will buy this product right now if you can beat the other retailer's price.”

If there is some hesitation, simply say “even a $5 -15 discount would mean I'd buy the product immediately”.


Step Three

This is where the real bargaining begins, so if you want to walk out of the store feeling on top of the world, you need to complete step three effectively.

FYI: JB Hi-Fi has its largest profit margins on their smallest products e.g. accessories and smaller items which they try to sell to you when you buy a bigger item. Below are a few examples:

  • TVs require HDMI cables
  • iPod’s need expensive headphones
  • Laptops need laptop bags
  • Phones need cases
  • Printers need ink

Once the JB Hi-Fi sales person agrees to beat your previous quote from another retailer, you should accept gracefully and state that you will accept it on one condition.

This is the part where you get the items you need included for a discounted price. Now that you have the sales staff member agreeing to discount your big-ticket item, it makes it so much easier to ask for discount on accessory items.

Due to the larger profit margins on smaller items, the store can be more flexible on price, so don’t be shy in asking for 50% discount on the accessory products to sweeten the deal.

The key here is knowing that the staff member will be getting commissions on what he/she sells and because they have invested a certain amount of time negotiating with you, they will be reluctant to lose the sale by not discounting accessories. Even if you don’t need any accessories for your new purchase, still consider throwing something else into the mix that you do need whilst you have their attention. Perhaps there is a birthday coming up or friend’s housewarming, for example, which can give you ideas for other products that you might need.

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What Products are a No Go

There are certain products that JB Hi-Fi don’t have flexibility on regarding price and it’s worth knowing this before you go through the process of negotiation. Apple products are probably the most obvious example of items with significantly lower profit margins. Why would you buy an iPod costing more at JB Hi-Fi for example when it’s cheaper at the Apple store? Apple love to control the price of their products and therefore squeeze retailers to minimum profit margins in order to control price, so avoid asking for discount on Apple products.

So, there you have it, if you are looking for an opportunity to save money when you next shop for a technology product, be sure to try this technique so you pay less at JB Hi-Fi. Lower prices are achievable, it simply depends on how willing you are to try and push for that true bargain.

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