10 DIY Hacks To Help Save Time and Money on Daily Tasks

The great thing about learning a couple of new hacks for the New Year is that they can really help improve your day-to-day life. I really enjoyed finding these hacks because I genuinely believe they are extremely useful and practical. Wish I had known about them sooner.

Whether you stay at home, work from home, have an office job or work within a manual labour type job, these hacks should help simplify some of your daily tasks. Prevent yourself from having to buy additional tools or making simple mistakes that require you to start over again by using these DIY tips that are bound to save you both time and money.


Elastic Band around the Paint TinMore Paint Less Mess

If you have some DIY to do around the house which includes a bit of painting, a great tip for keeping more paint in the pot and less on your floors is to use an elastic band. Place the band around the tin so that the it goes across the middle of where you'd place the lid. Use the band to remove excess paint from the end of the brush after each dip to prevent paint spillage down the side of the tin and across the floor.


Rub Walnuts over Scratches WoodGive your Wood some Nuts

If you own any wooden furniture around the house and are fed up of seeing those scuff marks around the feet, then walnuts may just save you from going stir crazy. Grab yourself some of these nuts and rub them across the scuffed wooden parts to remove the blemishes in the wood.


A Paperclip keeps you from Losing the end of SellotapeTape Meets Paper Clip

If you’re like me and get fed up searching for the end of your sellotape, try this nifty little hack. Next time you wrap presents or simply need to use tape for whatever reason, grab a paperclip or something similar (a piece of string will also work) and stick it to the end of the tape to quickly find the end next time you need to use it. If you don't have either of these to hand, try folding over the end to have the same affect.


Stick the Velcro onto the Corner of a CarpetVelcro Your Carpet

If you have areas of your house which are tiled or marble but feel that during colder months its nice to have a rug put down, a great way to keep that rug in place is with Velcro strips. Pets and kids are notorious for either sticking their feet underneath or moving the carpet around. You can eliminate this movement by applying Velcro strips to each corner.


Cut the Icecream with the KnifeCut your Ice Cream

Not generally an issue for most Australians during the summer, however, if you have just pulled the ice-cream out of the deep freeze and are struggling to scoop it into bowls, make life easier by cutting it with a knife. If it comes in a cardboard container, you could also slice it up and surprise your dinner guests by serving it in this unique way.


Cut the Cake with Dental FlossCut the Cake

Ever baked a beautifully fluffy cake only to ruin it while trying to slice it into layers? Well, if you like to make sponge based cakes then a great way to half them horizontally is by using a few tooth/fondue sticks and some flavourless dental floss. Insert the sticks around the cake at the level you want to cut it, wrap the floss around the cake and begin tightening it slowly cut all the way through. This is a great method to accurately slice a cake without having to use big knives or move the cake around too much.


Spagetti Sticks for Long MatchesShort Matches Problem

I struggle with this one every evening, whether I’m trying to make the match last long enough to light as many candles as possible or simply struggling to reach some of the high up candles, I only wish I had known this hack earlier. Yes, I know you can get especially long lighters, but I go through one a month so often end up having to use matches as a backup. A great trick for creating a longer match is to light a spaghetti stick and then light your candles that way.


Photocopy items for Accurate Drill HolesPrecision Drilling with a Photocopier

I’m usually known for putting up the odd picture or doing some DIY basics around the house (most of it is common sense stuff) but by no stretch of the imagination am I a pro. Trying to drill holes to match up precisely with whatever shaped object I'm planning to hang up is always a tricky one. Also, laser spirit levels and laser drills are far beyond my tool capabilities. So what I’ve ended up doing in the past for precise measurements on small items, is to photo copy the item first and then use the print out to make sure I get the hole positioning exactly right.


Decorate a Lemon with a PeelerIts 10 Past Pimms o’clock

Alcohol is a big part of our summer BBQ’s and when the family get together we all throw our new discoveries into the mix to spice up the occasion. My brother, the cocktail specialist in the group, showed me this neat little hack to decorate lemons within his cocktails. Using a peeler, he peeled patterns into the lemon skins before slicing them up to add a simple but decorative affect to the drinks (albeit 10 drinks later the designs got a little beyond themselves).


Potato wedges with an Apple CutterHomemade Wedges

As the main BBQ chef within the family, besides being the mash potato and potato salad specialist too, I personally love wedges. Calling the all in one apple cutter to the front line, I use this piece of equipment to cut up potatoes for a quick solution to creating ready-to-pan-fry wedges. You may also be surprised at how much more expensive pre-cut wedges from the supermarkets cost versus buying whole potatoes and cutting them up yourself in this way.



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