Woolworths: Telstra PrePaid Starter Kits $10 for $30 Value

15 February 2011

Woolworths/Safeway are again selling telstra prepaid starter kits for $10 for the $30 kits.

TIP: If you already have a telstra prepaid you can transfer the value to that or to a friend.
You can transfer a maximum of $10 per day.
Day 1: transfer $10
Day 2; transfer $10
Day 3. transfer $9
It costs 25cents for each successful after this you will be left with 25cents on the sim, effectivly you can get $29 credit from a $30 starter kit for $10 and keep the same number or top up your friends or familys telstra prepaid.
Valid from 16th Feb 2011 til 22nd Feb 2011.

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