Woolworths Mobile. Buy a $29 postpaid, and get a $20 giftcard

22 August 2012

So you have to buy a $2 sim, then recharge it with $29 - and then go to the link to enter your details and register for them to post you a $20 giftcard.

NOTE if you are an everydayrewards member (free to join) - you can buy a voucher for a $29 recharge at 10% discount in a woolworths.

So - pay $2 plus $26.10 and get back $20 giftcard. (total cost is $8.10 for 45 days of phone/internet)

If that's not good enough for you - the $29 cap is one of the best around.
for $29 you get:
45 days
$250 optus to optus
$250 other (excl pivotel)
4.5Gb internet data

*first recharge only
** apologies admin - I put this up twice - the first time, I put the expiry date wrong, so it automatically 'expired' the deal and I couldn't work out how to change the date on that deal.

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  • admin EDITOR
    No prob. Fixed it for you. Nice deal - shame they lock it to the first recharge only.

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