Vodaphone $49 cap Free Mobile E65,w880i,N73, Free Flight or $300 credit

29 August 2007

I just received word of the new Vodaphone offer, and here it is:

$49 a month on a 24 month contract
Free Nokia E65, Nokia N73 or SE w880i
Free flight to value of $300 (flight $265,$35 reservation fee) or $300 credit
$310 monthly credit
100 free texts or vodie minutes or 50% off international calls or 5% to charity

If you think that you would use the flight then this is not a bad offer

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  • admin EDITOR
    Yea - the flight makes that quite a good deal, although I still think what you get under the contract is good value.
  • tlaing
    Not a bad deal, similar to the one a few days ago but with the option of a $300 account credit (rather then a magazine subscrition).. Is it a real credit of $300 (i.e. will it cover the $49 cap fee for 6 months).. If so the total cost over 2 years would be $49 X 24 months = 1,176 - 300 Credit - 55 Cash back through Buckscoop -------------------------------------- $826 (working out to around $35/month for 24 months) Since nokias seem to sell for around $450 on ebay, it' means you're spending $376 on your mobile service (around $16/month over 24 mo) Not too bad a deal, you'd be getting $310 of cap credit a month (though all these cap's have crazy inflated per min rates compared to something like virgin's beancouter) so you'd have to work out to see if based on your calling patterns if their airtime rates are decent or not! Also the crappy part is Vodafone seems to have crappy data rates (charged per min rather then per mb?!?!?) Which makes using the nokia E65 as a voip line not very viable (which is too bad as that would be the killer app on this phone!!)
  • admin EDITOR
    :) - excellent little write up tlaing. Thanks very much. From what I could make out last time the call charges on the $49 plan were 40c per 30 secs with a 35c connection fee. I think all the phone companies in Oz charge ludicrous prices. Shame about the crappy data rates. Voip on the mobile is one of those things that I love the idea of. I dont have it myself - I use my minutes to call the Voip provider on a local no - but a friend swears by it.
  • tlaing
    Just a bit more math for you.. Assuming your monthly spend works out to the $35/month as discussed above (including the phone). The per min rate might not be so bad.. Assuming 4 calls a day ($0.30 Flagfall per call) and 2 text per day ($0.25 each) Then over 30 days you're looking at $310 (Cap Value) - 36 (Flagfalls 0.30 X 4 X 30 days) - 15 (SMS 0.25 X 2 X 30 Days) ---------------------------------------- $259 left for airtime $259 / $.80 per min works out to 324 mins $35 monthly fee / 324 mins = $0.108 / min Which isn't a horrible rate compared to virgin beancounters $0.10 /min and $0.25 flagfall Also you get a bonus of either 100 FREE TXT OR 100 FREE Vodafone to Vodafone minutes OR 50% off international call rates I have to admit, i'm kind of tempted! I really wish vodafone had a reasonable data plan like 3 or virgin so you could use VoIP as well over it, or email as the e65 is supposed to have blackberry connect. Of course if you go over the Cap value, then this deal starts to be really horrible, paying an actual rate of 80c/min is crazy if you exceed that $310 cap! Does anyone know if vodafone has live billing (either online or that you can call into) to check on your cap usage during the month on these postpaid plans, at least that way you'd know if you start to get close to that $310 mark to cut off your usage for the month. I'd fear a bill with the above calculations but using an extra 100 mins in a month which would add an ADDITIONAL $80 to the monthly bill! (especially considering that same 100 mins would only cost you $10 on virgin)
  • admin EDITOR
    in case anyone is thinking about taking one of these up Vodaphone is ending their cashback offer end of day tomorrow. I suspect it'll probably be replaced by something else but we'll need to wait and see.
  • nod
    Only a few more days to pick this offer up if you need a new phone and have a hankering to fly somewhere :D Just a big shame that Vodaphone pulled the cashback :( :( :(

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