Vodafone Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband $29 at The Good Guys

25 February 2011

The Vodafone Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband kit, including 3GB of data and USB device is currently on special for $29 at The Good Guys.

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  • admin EDITOR
    You'd really be better off getting the 18gb crazy johns deal if you thought you might use it. If this was for another network it'd be different.
  • port
    CJ's service isn't exactly the same as Vodafone. However, it's debatable as to whether anybody would notice or care. FWIW, it would appear that OfficeWorks are matching the price ($29) ATM - at least on their web site.
  • voteoften
    Does anyone know if Harvey Norman carries this? I have some gift vouchers I could use.... Thanks
  • port
    Good news - this offer is still on at GG, at least until 14/3. However, the lower price isn't available at OfficeWorks, so you'll need to take up their "Lowest Price Guarantee" offer. Normal RRP of this item is $49.

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