Virgin Mobile Prepaid Phone - LG KG270 @ $59 ($29+$30).

2 July 2007

Get a Virgin Mobile Prepaid Phone - LG KG270
Black or Pink for $29 only when purchasing a $30 Virgin Mobile Recharge Voucher in the same transaction. Includes $10 motor mouth credit.

# FM Radio
# 65K Colour screen
# Speaker phone
# Alarm clock
# Talk Time - Up to 2hrs
# Stand By - Up to 200hrs

Best prices seen elsewhere $59 for the phone + $10 Bean Counter Credit (to be used within the first 30 days).

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  • ozpete
    Only "catch" is you need to spend $80 with virgin prepaid credit if you wish to have the phone unlocked. But then this "catch" is usual in one form or another for most prepaid phone deals.
  • admin EDITOR
    ta holdenmg. The same phone would cost you $59 to get direct from virgin but without the $30 voucher, so a saving of $30 - seeing as your going to need to get yourself some credit anyway once you have the phone.
  • admin EDITOR
    yea - I saw that ozpete. I thought it implied you had to bang $80 credit on it in one lump sum before release.... lemme go re-read the terms
  • admin EDITOR
    doesnt say whether its cumulative or not - but I suspect it would be not. It does make me wonder though whether that restriction would apply to phones bought from merchants such as kmart - although again I think I'm being a little optimistic in my interpretation.
  • ozpete
    Well yes - devil in detail - in this case its not clear from their website... Pre-Paid phones are secured to our network & can be released after topping up with $80 on your new service Does that mean in one hit or over time. Guess you can argue its overtime as its not explicit. Then again after arguing with their supervisor over a credit card application that got knocked back on (Then getting approved by Citibank for $10K+) I wouldn't want to argue with a Virgin customer "service" rep again.
  • admin EDITOR
    :D - did he successfully drive you nuts ?
  • nod
    "Service" can be bit of a dirty word can't it :D Some companies forget that if you don't have customers there is no company :confused:
  • lisss
    Wow this is the best cheap phone deal I have seen in a while. The actual model was a flop as it's had terrible reviews, but it would be perfect for a child or a backup phone or a travel phone. I might buy one to take travelling.... thanks for posting :D
  • admin EDITOR
    :D - good feedback lisss. If its crap we want to know about it. Thats a bit like a posting made the other week for a DVD - I thought it was a crap buy but as someone else pointed out there was a good other use for it.

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